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[GAME] Threat System

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I Saw Some Topics Try To Give Suggestions About Threat System, Its a Sure Threat System is a Mess Right Now, But I Think At Least For Now Our New Dev Team Should Focus On a Very Fast And Effective Way To Fix This Issue.


im not Playing Game Since 2016, and Now Realy Have Hope for This Game to Come Back to Its Glory, And Wish Luck For Little Orbit To Revive APB.



So My Idea And Suggesion About Threat Is This:


When i Was Play, The Threat system was a Mess, and i Was Perfer To Play in FC, Than Silver District. Things Made this Threat system so bad imo are These:



  • Golds Play in Silver District and No One Play in Gold Destrict, Because Few Years Ago, They Made this Change, And Made Threat System From Gold in Gold, Silver in Silver, to Gold in Silver, Silver in Bronze, And it Was a Realy Bad Idea.


  • Now Golds Play in Silver District With Silver Players Who Have no Idea How To Play in Bronze District, it Make Life for Silver Players a Real Hell, and For Gold Players, i Can Say Like 75% of time i Had 1-2 Silver in My Team VS A Full Premade 255 TS Team, Match Making Was so Funny. So i Was Perfer to Play in Fight Club When i Was Play Alone, and Only Play in District With My Friends. (Premade VS Premade)


  • In Bronze District, All Bronze Players Play There, And Silvers Have to Go There to Save their Asses From being Raped By Golds, Mean Now They Gonna Do Same To Bronze Players Who Just Joined The Game, And Make Them Quit Game, That's Also Horrible.


  • Green District is Dead as Gold District Because Imposible to Get Green at All.



So Changes Should be Made for First Phase At Least imo, is to Make it Like old Times, Gold in Gold, Silver in Silver, Bronze in Bronze. And Also Make it Much Harder to Get Higher Threat. So Golds Are Realy Golds. Not Like Some People Who Carried Up, or Smashed some Bronzes and Get Their Gold.



  • i Think in This System, Golds Have Very Good Teams To Play In Their District, and Premades Dont Be Much Trouble, But Still It Should be Managed to Premades Match with Premades More Often. (TS is OP ^.^)


  • Silvers Match With Silvers And Yes Few Golds Dethreat, And Should Taken Care some how, but atleast Better Than this Mess, And Silvers Will Be Fine And Can Learn From Golds, But Bronzes:


  • Bronzes Can Finally Play Peacefully with Other Bronzes and Dont Get Raped Like now And Quit Game, This Make Player Base Grow aswell, Most of People i Get To APB in All of This Years, Quited Game after first Month, Just Because Got Raped in Bronze Destrict, And Had no Other Place to Run.


  • Green Destrict Also Should be Revived For People Who Are Realy New.



The Only Thing Here Make This Paradise Unrealestic. is Some People Try To Make New Accounts And Get to Lower Threat Districts. This is The Hardest Challenge to Deal With.


Another Thing to Note. I Belive its A Good Idea to Threat Drop By Time, When You Dont Play For Few Mounths, And Get back to Game, You Are not Good as Before You Leave, Its Just Make Sense, That Threat Drop By Time. You Leave Game as Gold, Get back after Few Mounts, And You Are silver. Till you Warm Up You Get Gold Again.



Thats My Suggestion, At Least For Now, Im Personally Love Threat System More Than Any Other Matchmaking System, Its Just Need to Be Optimized.

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