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So, I was playing and I seen a clan and I was wondering what their guild info explain. What Faction they support? whats the clan story? how many people in their clan ranks? who are their leaders? who are their Captains? Really all I'm saying is that someway, somehow, other clans should be able to check out different clans information, get a understanding about the clan before even joining. I hoped this get looked into and done if possible 




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The clans from Beta used the guildlauch feature to describe their clans. Now most use the discord channel to describe their faction affiliation and their goals, as well as raid nights and local events.  There  is also a tab in here for guild and faction info.



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One of the last Beta clans. We are Lightbearer only. We do NOT do Gore or Dome. We mostly PVE now. Beggars, thieves and children please don't even bother me in game, just irks me. We are still here because we help each other PVE. If you are a LB, are willing to work for your own stuff and want a Lightbearer clan, send me an in game PM. to Mutare Nebula.


We have raidcall and/or mumble

We have scheduled PVE Monday evenings starting at 7 PM EST each week. (ALL Lightbearers are welcome to attend PVE)

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There is no up-to-date list of clans. Best option is just to ask the person you see. Most clans in FE that are active atm won't stay that way, new clans replace them often. The older clans have a few people in them (sometimes only 1 person) that hops into FE from time to time.


With such a small player base you soon learn all the clans anyway. Most are omni clans as there really isn't enough people left to have large active faction only clans anymore. Those that are about only have a handful at most in them active/semi active.

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