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PS4: Make it or Break it?

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Granted i didn't make much of a presence on the one time i asked about it, but i would like to know if one thing is available, and if not, why not? seriously...


With UE being the engine of the game there is more readiness to support my idea than is given credit for... It was done on the PS3 with Unreal Tournament III (in case you're wondering, that's the same engine.)  With the title WarThunder supporting the option readily before APB was thought to be on the PS4 there is no "oh we didn't know that could be done" excuse now...


Simply asking what has been a lesser known part of PlayStatio, since the PS3... Keyboard and Mouse.


This was something i begged PWE to incorporate into their release of Star Trek Online on the PS4, to which they concluded would be better off without... somehow...


But the games like APB where there are so many players with that itch for the game, but their PC isn't up to par with the PS4 in the living room... but they can't play with a controller... only K/M combo... well, reality is, the game could easily support it.


the Keyboard and Mouse basic plug and play options are fully supported by the PS4, i've typed and replied to many chat messages while playing Warframe using a wireless Logitech keyboard, it is not up to the console to support it, it's up to the game devs to support it.



"Not in any way the responsibility of the console development team to make it work in the game, it is part of the game's development team to make that feature available to the end user."


As a loyal player of APB, and no stranger to gaming history, i think that this, along with unified character login, should be a must have in the Console version.


Another key feature should be the PC to Console fluidity of the player's characters...


Without these features, i don't see any reason to make the move to the PS4, not with all the work and effort put into the characters i have for years.



Not totally needed, but would be absolutely lovely! the option for cross platform interconnectivity, they both share the same engines, and with the Unreal Engine title "Paragon" sharing PS4 and PC cross platform interaction and connectivity, there's really no reason to not do that too!  Hell, it would be a financial savior to use the same game servers for all 3 platforms!


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