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Fixing the game + New car ideas

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So recently, I've had a blast with the PS4 version, but I've run into plenty more issues than lag... Here is what I think will help the game improve.


1: Removing store music when it is off.

By this, I mean when my music volume is at zero, so should the store music, and because of this, my best livestream got copyright claimed. It's simple; If music volume is at zero, I shouldn't hear the store music either.


2: Improving the driving a bit.

Now I'm sure a lot of people complain, but the physics are too floaty, and cars are a bit too heavy. Cars are barely moved by high speed collisions, and small sports cars and coupes made that are made to corner well at high speeds flip too easily. If anything, the older cars should be heavier than most of the vehicles.


3: Fixing the car break-ins.

So far, my character has broken into a Calabria by prying the trunk, and the Cosenza by prying the back door, and suddenly the whole car unlocks. Just something easy to fix.



As with the cars, the game has cool cars, but I feel like it lacks a few things to really make them shine, and hasn't had any new cars since the Growl.


1: The Patriot V10 SuperSport

Based on the Ford GT, (Old or new, your choice) this car would be something to match with the IO Growl, and have a trunk in the front.


2: The Bishada Competitor

Based on the Toyota Celica, this would be a car that would be the bigger, and better brother of The Rapier.


3: Sungnyemun Firestorm

Based on the Chrysler 300M, and it would be a car to compete with the higher end sedans and middle class coupes.


4: Detachable car parts.

Just something small, since cars seem to lack any parts that detach upon being damaged.


5: Manual Transmission?

Just an option for switching between Manual, or Automatic, since cars seem to play a large role in APB, and some people don't like automatic.






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First of all, this is PC forums...
Second, manual in cars will never be brought
Third, the cars will never drop "parts" due to the game logic
Fourth, the break into cars was always like this for gameplay mechanics




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How about no?


Also, G1 has already stated that you have the rights to any music in the game and by extension you do as well, so you should be able to fight that copyright claim.

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Adding a feature to turn off all music in-game would be nice actually. I gotta say.


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Well, my bad. Didn't realize I had awful ideas, and I had no idea there was a PS4 section before I posted this... Can anyone delete this?

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