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Post-Engine Update Content roadmap/ideas

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I've been pondering what new content G1 is going to develop upon the engine update completion and stabilization. I decided to lay out a few ideas for new content, all of them are present within the album below and some are only in the thread. I believe most of these suggestions are fairly easy to accomplish (the clothing accessories / some garments especially - some of the assets are already ingame on other servers, some of the vehicle models) while some might take a bit more work although I tried to include only things that would realistically be developed and would be viable to average gameplay while also being appropriate to the ingame lore/art direction.


The album is a comprehensive list of new vehicle ideas, new kit ideas, new clothing ideas, and photos that capture APB's thematic atmosphere and the direction I think G1 should continue heading as Realtime Worlds laid out the framework. I really just aimed to capture the feel of the game that the original trailers gave off, a world of corporate warfare, gang battles, punks and hip hoppers, graffiti art, police details, executives, and mercenaries all within a sprawling neon-lit city with intricate alleyways, rooftops, avenues, walkways, drainage rivers, shopping malls, and open plazas. Sort of felt like the city in the original Mirror's Edge in a way.



Album order: Art Style Photos > Vehicle & Kit Suggestions > Clothing Suggestions




New Vehicle Content / Vehicle Kits & Fixes for Preexisting Content


- Option to remove spare tire on back of Charge Sentinel (very inconvenient to anyone trying to add decals!)




Resizing/re-using rims from other vehicles to fit onto others (Using Espacio rims as an example - don't mind the rushed photoshop effort lol)





Macchina Calabria Kit Inspirations (More of other vehicles in the album!)




New Vehicle Ideas (Plenty more within the album)


- Expansion on vehicle types (more luxury sedans, sports cars/sedans, compact/micro cars, supercars, SUVs/trucks)

- Focus on 4 door vehicles for gameplay purposes

- Work to incorporate these vehicles into traffic (lower spawn rates for higher end vehicles - ex. Rapier spawns in traffic would be akin to an armored truck/dump truck/Cisco spawn rate etc.)









New Clothing Content / Unlocking Locked & Hidden Existing Content (Check the album for the rest)


- Construction/ballistic goggles & glasses (Concrete and glass is always flying in San Paro!)




Parka hood down & hoodie hood down




- Akiko X katana on back

- Customizable goggles on neck




APB's lore typically involves tales of San Paro's elite business class and their offspring - Prentiss Tigers prep/business style and Havalynd rich kids and corporate soldiers are some of the looks that could be added onto more


- Think cardigans, sweaters, oxford shirts layered underneath, tailored pants, suit jackets, fancy jackets, tie clips, cufflinks, watches, glasses, turtleneck sweaters, cashmere




Socialites and heirs of Havalynd - Prentiss Tigers & Praetorians outfit inspiration




Some other clothing item addition recommendations (included in album)


- Suits that actually have a tailored fit (Not the monstrosities of fabric and 80s shoulder pads that we currently deal with)

- Non-baggy shorts for once (Not like those Kevin Smith jean shorts))

- Casual high-tech gear that fits in with the futurist vibe of San Paro's downtown cores

- Tights that are able to be layered underneath shorts

- Field jacket from promotional material

- Forward facing baseball cap and/or bandana underneath

- Hoodie hood-down for men as well/more necklaces to choose from

- Identification badge necklaces

- Goggles on neck & head once again

- New shades

- Letterman varsity jacket

- New leather pants for men (without the chains, different cut




New Footwear Options (included in album)

- Classic running shoe styles

- Mid tops (All we currently have are low tops or high-top shoes, no inbetweens)

- More non-athletic low-tops


Also, if there was a way the old theme / menu could be brought back that would be great as it really is more fitting for the atmosphere of the game


- Thanks for reading!

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When is this magical engine update that ive been hearing people dream about for the past year or 2? When is it coming?? xb1 just got a 10gig update....what? why? when? ANSWER QUESTIONS G1 DONT JUST COLLECT MY MONEY and smile

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