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Northbridge temp

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Just bought GA-970A-DS3P with fx-8350 and have some issues


is 80 northbridge and 75 CPU temperature is normal while gaming?




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You running it with a stock cooler?

Might wanna get a better cooler if you ask me, when My FX-8350 would run that hot while gaming I would get lag spikes.

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Both are bad. Make sure your CPU cooler is mounted right or get an aftermarket.


For the northbridge, make sure the heatsink it not loose. My last two gigabyte 900 series motherboards had very loose heatsinks. I replaced the plastic clips with screws & nuts to reduce the temps.

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I had a similar mobo before. (older model, I believe). I killed it while OC'ing. So I suggest to do very light, or no OC'ing.


I had similar temps on the northbridge, but I have a CM Hyper T4 heatsink that keeps my CPU at about 63c under full load. FX 8320.

Tbh, I wouldn't worry about the northbridge temps. Mine ran fine for a couple of years, and I decided to try to hit 4.5ghz when it died. I wasn't surprised.


Also something worth mentioning is that a lot of 3rd party "CPU temps" don't read AMD chips properly. If your mobo has a software you can view temps from, that'll be the most accurate. Aside from that, AMD Overdrive also gives accurate temps.


Lastly, you chose a terrible time to buy an FX 8350, unless you got an amazing deal on it. Ryzen 5 is just around the corner.

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Just bought GA-970A-DS3P with fx-8350 and have some issues


is 80 northbridge and 75 CPU temperature is normal while gaming?

>Are high temps  okay?

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