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Support false reports/accusations

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I would like to point something out which is really important when it comes to reporting people over the support system.


So basically, you're recording your whole playing session, you get killed by a guy who is really good and that managed to land the 5 shots of the Colby ap .45 on you with a smooth fire-rate and you instantly thought he is cheating. As a person who always jumps to conclusions, you would report this guy to support with the video "evidence" of him doing that kill and accusing him of cheating even though he is not cheating at all and that the colby .45 ap could be mastered and anyone could learn its fire-rate. 2 or 3 days later, this guy gets unfairly banned because of a false report. Now, how would G1 differentiate between a cheater and a good/experienced player? I personally know some people who got FF banned because of false accusations. What do you think about this?





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Fairfight is fair, you won't get banned if you are not cheating  ^_^

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When someone is reported to the customer support or in-game, they do investigate in order to find evidence that a player has committed a violation of the TOS or the APB code of conduct.


Ban appeals should be directly submitted to the customer support, the forum is not a place to discuss bans.

APB Reloaded customer support links.


APB Reloaded PC Customer Support.


APB Reloaded XBOX ONE Customer Support.


APB Reloaded PS4 Customer Support.


Trade notice, please read.




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