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Old Kingman area still glitched.

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Joseph Campeur

Joseph Campeur


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If you are playing Fallen Earth do not sent your toons to the Old Kingman area it is glitched.  Sent my main toon there and now I cannot get my toon to load pass the character selection screen.  Looks like no devs will be working on this problem anytime soon.  If you have the same problem say so in the forums.  If enough people complain maybe they will do something about it.




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What are you talking about? I'm still here. :troll_face:


As for how this issue happened....


FE is a series of "clusters" or "sub-servers" or "sectors" as you will. Not in the sense of S1, S2, S3, DF, TW, etc... so the "sector" that Old Kingman is in simply crashed, so anyone going into that "sector" is now unable to connect to that instance.

Until they find the problem, you're SoL bruh.



I posted this in your other thread, just gonna leave this here.

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