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Recent doubled latency and FPS stutter increase.

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Greetings GamersFirst and players!


I am a regular APB Reloaded player and usually play Western Australia, Perth, with 60 ms. Not too shabby!


I have been in Korea for three months now (The country with apparently, the fastest internet globally).


When I first started playing APB at 'multiple' (multiple meaning, not an individual or unique case e.g. internet problems) internet cafes in Seoul the latency was easily under 60ms to the Singapore server (Han server).


When I went to Japan recently within the last five days, the latency was good on the first go too, 65 ms.


After returning to Korea yesterday, however, my APB connection has been really terrible at all my frequent internet cafes, spiking to 150 ms and my last run at a PC cafe in Japan had 120 ms and on top of that frame rate spikes on well maintained, GTX 1060, 8GB RAM, i5-6600 computer systems and that has started to baffle me and result in very unpleasant gameplay as I am accustomed to the fast response of 60 ms gameplay.


Is there any insight on this? I also notice Singapore is having some bad weather lately, is that the simple reason? Or is there more to it than that? 


Thank you in advance if any of you guys read this! Cheers!




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Where is HAN server located again currently? 


Also I am pretty sure one of the deep sea cables around there has been offline for a few months still so there is some weird routing that might be behind it.

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