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Music Studio Suggestions

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So I was exchanging ideas with a few friends on how to improve APB themes in general and came up with some pretty good ideas. I do know that this is most likely not going to happen anytime soon but I just wanted to share what we came up with.


Idea #1

The ability to have a symbol as sort of a "cover" for your themes. This might sound confusing so let me explain.

When inspecting someone or just pressing "J" on your keyboard, there is this awkward theme symbol next to the theme itself which could potentially act as a place to have a "cover" for your theme. Here's an example:


As you can see there is this awkward place next to the theme. So my suggestion is basically to just add the ability for players to create symbols and have them as "cover" symbols for their themes. This would make themes a lot more interesting and would add a lot more variety to them. 


Idea #2

This one has been said countless times but we desperately need more instruments. I can't stress this enough. There have been countless times where I have been wanting to make a theme, only to realise that the original contains wind instruments (which aren't in the game btw - crazy, right?). Obviously you can kind of get around this by using other instruments and adding lowpass/delays on them but it just doesn't sound the same. My suggestion would be to add instrument packs on ARMAS (or, you know, free...), I know for a fact that I would pay for them and I know that a lot of others would too.


This is just my opinion don't pitchfork me thx




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Obviously you can kind of get around this by using other instruments and adding lowpass/delays on them but it just doesn't sound the same.


I'm a simple man, I see lowpass and I press like.





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One of the weakest instrument sets in the music studio, in my opinion, are drums. As far as I am concerned, there is not a single drum kit which would qualify as "complete" on it's own. I don't mean that there should be like 100+ instruments in one drum kit (pretty much like Hip Hop) but I would like to see a kit that would have all the basic instruments. I feel it is dumb that I have to combine two different kits in one song/theme to get both good bass and tom-toms for example.




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I totally agree with this.  I'd also like a Distortion knob.  I realize the potential for ear r@pe here because distortion tends to make things sound louder, so what if it scaled the volume of the instrument down based on the amount of distortion so it stays the same volume?  The electric guitar feels pretty pathetic without distortion and sounds more like a banjo.  A little distortion+Leboyce Bass would be heaven.


Wind and Brass instruments would be great.  I'm amazed there isn't a trumpet already.

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I swear someone has already made a post about this already.


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