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Recent server issues?

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Before all, hi G1 and any other person reading this.


I choose this way to bring forward some thoughts i have on Fallen Earth and it's recent issues.

You guys obviously dont give a (you know the word missing there) about the players who dedicate their time and energy (and some even real money!).


Game is eating mails (i just lost a stack of rothium), chat takes 1 minute or more to show, we die because we can't even see what kills us, all the friggin duping and exploiting...


If you guys want to kill the game just do it, it seems you are trying to force players out of it.


Personally I find it a huge disrespect for the community. And no, is not GM's fault, is G1.


If you can't handle the game sell it or kill it, but in it's current state most of what we get from it is frustration!

If I had a sub reward for this game I would cut my wrists for wasting my real Money on this.

New players leave cos the state of game, and old players or dedicated ones will leave as well.


All i ask is for some respect to our time, i love this game and like i said before, I want to play it much further.

Thank you for... nothing! Thank you for no development, for no attention to us and for allowing all these stuffs to happen unchecked.


Honestly, me.



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Every since the extended maintenance, the Lag, has become unbearable, the game is almost entirely unplayable. Please FIX THIS!!! Shut the game off for more maintenance untill its fixed...

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