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Any graphics software like APB symbol editor?

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Pretty much the title. I like drawing with the symbol editor better because I don't have to actually draw, but manipulate shapes to form something. I'm wondering if there's anything like APB symbol editor on the internet, probably with more shapes and options than APB has. Would be a good thing to have in the event we won't have APB anymore.




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This what ya looking for > not free tho but worth the price enjoy it myself


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i guess inkscape could be used like that with some tweaks...

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in theory every graphic program with levels could be like the APB designer...


open new image

add level,

use a shape

duplicate it for modify,

modify saturation/color

, rotation,location,scale

,duplicate again level modified or the basic one for have more decals

,save as project or export as image





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yeah this is actually and literally anything more complicated than Paint

photoshop can do this
gimp can do this
illustrator can do this
hell, anything can do this

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