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What does support even see?

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I'm not asking for the minutia here but what kind of account information does support even has access to?


Maybe it's my lack of experience or imagination but I'm having a hard time imagining support having access to more technical player account information.  Information that would say, Contain a players entire chat history or that fairfight wrongly banned an account.


Seriously though, Moderators/Support, If a player is banned and support refuses to lift the ban and there is nothing you as a player can do to prove your innocent.  Then you should just totally remove a banned accounts ability to even contact support.  Because why waste your support teams limited time telling people with banned accounts that their accounts are banned?


Or just do what Valve does with VAC declare upfront that FairFight bans will never be reverted under any circumstance. 

That stopped me from contacting support more then thrice over my random source VAC ban.


If I recall correctly my bans happened around the 23 of January but I can't find my characters "GrizzledVet" (main) or "Velmadinkly" (nearly fresh) on https://ffbans.org/ or https://twitter.com/apb_fairfight That is odd because support claims my account was banned by FairFight for cheating.  Maybe being banned by FF when your game crashes on the loading screen to social district does that.

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There have been periods of time when FF bans didn't get correctly posted on Twitter, but that's weird.

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