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Anarchy District - Mugging&Chop Shop should be disabled(is not when waiting for match/players)

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If you are a crim and is to low pop to start a match at time you can mug civs collect cash , but does not count for role nor is indication of actually collecting dirty money(due to no contacts) in top left they also can steal and drop cars off to chop shop to collect and launder as well, enforcers are unable to witness when crims do either or . Ram-Raid is find as no items drop from any buildings when rammed.



How to repo

Self explanitory


Should not be able to mug nor steal and drop vehicles to chop shops should be disabled like other districts made just for event instances 



Disable ability to mug/drop stolen cars at chop shops in anarchy districts just like any other event made instance district(Halloween,X-mas ect)


Have to leave link to album as limit to # per post http://imgur.com/a/ChZxf


Thanks IYI for helping with checking this ^

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