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Maintenance Wednesday 9 AM UTC

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We'll be performing maintenance for PC (Anarchy event) and Console (no patch) on Wednesday and it will start at 9 AM UTC and will last approximately 2 hours. 

Anarchy Event

When the event starts, all players are split into two teams. Unlike before, different faction members can be on the same team (it's Anarchy after all) and we use matchmaking to ensure the teams are fairly even. Groups are never split up, so make sure you and your friends are together before entering if you want to ensure you play together.


When you spawn, you won't have a primary weapon. Instead, we spawn them around the map. The game mode is a simple death-match, so it's up to you whether you want to search for a weapon of your choice, or head straight into combat with your secondary and grenades and take one from the enemy.


If you survive long enough, you'll start passively gaining score. You'll also start to gain a score multiplier that ticks up over time. If your score reaches above 500, you'll gain access to your primary weapon, meaning you don't have to search for weapons any-more. Careful though, when this happens you'll also be shown periodically to your enemies, giving them a chance to hunt you down.


As the game progresses, and team lives go down, more weapons start spawning in different locations, providing more varied game-play. Legendary weapons will also start to appear, but be shown on the map. Best be quick, or be ready to kill whomever took it (friendly fire of course is disabled in this game).



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