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where did all the support go

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I have been a die hard player since 2010 I have noticed in the game Gm's no longer are on like they used to be a good game now its going down hill theirs allot of probs in this game help chat no longer help chat but common chit chat there all sort of problems in the game as well very laggy in certain areas we need to have better things there why even events used to be good and now none  the 7th year thing was not relay that great pple who are loyal to this game should have mad more to it there is allot of pple still play this game might want to do more this game I understand you are working on APB reloaded but what happened to helping pple who are loyal to this game die hard players that will still play no matter what? should they be punished to play this game i am not just a freemium I spend money each month and have commander stat still.Should I lose out b/c yall think the game is no longer fun?please help make fallen earth great again thank you for you time

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