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Chelly takes Writing Commissions!

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Hello, there!


You may have seen me around the forums a bit, making strange threads, and doing Chelly things. 


Anyways, I've decided to start taking writing commissions! 


Before we get into the fun part, let me tell you a little bit about myself, so you know who you'd be working with, should you decide to commission me! 


About Chelly:


I wrote my very first short story in Pre-School that took place in a fantasy setting, and I've never stopped. Ever since then, I'vev written various short stories, fanfictions, and character bios! I've even dabbled into the world of Role Play (which I think is a great way to get yourself thinking on your feet!) 

As a self-taught writer, I've taken on various projects over the years in order to find out what I'm good at putting into words, and what I'm not. One of the most important things a writer can know is their strengths and weaknesses! 


My biggest project so far has been a 62k word fanfiction that I finally completed last year! (While some may not see fanfiction as "true" writing, the fact that I managed to reach Young Adult novel levels is something I'm very proud of).


I'm also on the writing team for Cazadora's fan-made APB Comic project!


The things I'll write:


There's two main things I'll write up for you! These are:


Character Bios - A story that tells the... well, story, of your character! This is essentially where I'll breathe a little bit of life into your character by giving them a bit of history! For this one, I'll require a few things from you as a jumping point! 


  • A short personality description of your character: This is just so I'll know how to write them! Can't do much if your character has no personality to work with! Nothing too fancy, maybe just a few sentences describing how your character acts on a daily basis, plus anything that you think would be important to keep in mind as we delve into their history. 
  • Any particular life events you would like covered: This includes any major deaths that might have shaped your character into who they are today (i.e. parents, a sibling, a close friend, etc.), any near death experiences that might have altered how your character perceives the world. Be creative!


Short stories -  Short stories are always fun to do! Like with the character bios, I'm going to need some things from you to get started! 


  • A screenshot and/or description of your character's appearance plus, any important features or disabilities: Let's face it. One can only do so much when there's no clear image of the protagonist in their head. I love seeing other people's characters, and having a picture in mind allows me to get a feel for them. You'd be surprised at how much one can gather from appearances. Does your character have any physical weaknesses? Are they blind in one eye? Anything like that is helpful to know!
  • Any important equipment or special weapons you'd like to be brought up: If your character has any special weapons or equipment, be sure to let me know. Let me ask you. Which of the following sounds better to you? 
    -"He pulled his gun from his holster and fired it at his enemy, killing him"
    -"He drew his custom Colby revolver out of its holster in the blink of an eye. Before his enemy could react, he pulled the trigger and fired, instantly bringing his longtime foe's life to an end."

Does that mean I'll only write short stories and character bios? Well, not exactly, but those are what I feel are my strong points. If you'd like another type of written work, please let me know, and we can talk it over! 


Things I WILL NOT write:


As I mentioned, part of being a writer is knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. I consider myself an honest person, so I'll be straightforward about this. I will not write things such as:


  • Smut - I'm not exactly the best at writing dirty things. It's never been something I had to practice, and therefore, it's one of my weaker points. So, unless you want a very awkwardly written steamy story, I highly suggest you avoid asking me for that kind of stuff. Sorry! 
  • Gore and/or torture stories - Now, I'm not an extremely violent person. I tend to avoid things like mutilation, or torture in my work. So, if you saw this thread and said "Oh my god, this is my chance to have a story about my character ripping off someone else's face and wearing it like a mask be written!" well... I hate to break it to you, but that's not gonna happen.

In conclusion:


So after reading all this, I hope you've decided that I'm just the Chelly you've been looking for to write stuff about your character! By now, I'm sure that those of you who are interested in commissioning me to write stuff for you are probably asking the obvious question:


"Where can I reach you?" 


Well that's easy! 


If you'd like to reach me and talk about my pricing and discuss things further, please add me on the Discord App at Chelly#2667 , or alternatively, you can PM me on the forums (though I'd rather you message me on Discord, so it's a little faster and stuff, since I don't check my forum messages every day!) 


Can't wait to hear from all of you, and write things for you guys! 



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