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Customization changes don't get saved.

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Client version:



Customizing items does not save them; reconnecting at a later time rolls back any changes made.



The issue persists with clothing/outfit changes and vehicle customization - changes made to items are not being saved.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Customize any item visually.

2. Disconnect from the server/return to the character selection lobby.

3. The changes are rolled back.


Video footage: https://www.twitch.t...nzpl/v/93739802


How many times have you recreated this bug?:

Three times today, in three tries.


It's not really all that harmful (unless someone's using OTW for customization testing), but it's still a problem.


Expected Results:

The changes should save, obviously.


I suspect it has something to do with people's recent inability to make new characters on OTW or redeem items from the mailbox.

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Thank you, this has been passed on to the team. 

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