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That gives me 4 dots + a baby one, sadly only one snare unless switch to rifle then lose a dot :( How far would this go pve or give up and just go a traditional pistol build?

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Seeing as the builder page is down I might need to make a site for an updated planner... bloody hell lol


For a DoT build tho, honestly you're going far too extreme into it.

DT/Pistol : Of course

TK/Thermal : Can work as well, but would definitely recommend Sonic over TK for AP efficiency.
Illumination : The regen is all you will benefit from, sad but true.



Ignore the perception scaling on DT, you have 33 AP remaining so you can reach 183 Dirty Tricks. But that's going "full DoT" and durability. It's funny, don't get me wrong (possible 5-6s kills with all DoT's going, nukes, and shooting lights... yes lights you could probably get the 4 extra into pistol from dodge if you want heavies) but honestly a damage build with Pistol/DT/Thermal is plenty of DoT's.

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