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Customizable Minimalistic Forum Theme (based on Tobiis v2)

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Ah yes, I guess i'll make an own thread for this:

A more customizable version of

the preset is close to the theme Tobii made - but:

You can do "atrocious" things like this to make your eyes bleed:



Or pretty + aesthetic things like this!


Download: https://userstyles.org/styles/160572/apb-forum-minimal-customizable

(You need Stylish, which is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Android (and various other Chromium and Mozilla based browsers))


Some things might look weird with some colors because of the layout of the forums.

I did not add pickers all different things (I bet), if you encounter issues, let me know and I'll get on them right away.

I did not remove all shadows yet but made some improvements for consistency though (e.g. edit/quotebuttons).


I'll remove some borders, shadows and add some more things to customized if people are interested.



Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage you might do to your eyes.


Customization is done here, after pressing the encircled button:



Finally you can have something that fits the best Discord theme!


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13 minutes ago, ❤BR)))❤ said:






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Damn this yellow one is bright as poof ^^

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