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FPS Interface, Mission Tracker & mutations

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Yesterday I discovered the alt+f10 feature, and I thought I can't really do anything like that, I have to push em' again, if I were to actually do anything;

What if, by entering FPS mode and by the press of ALT+F10;

#1 Can't see anything, or aim for the health bar, chat, minimap and inventory
#2 Can't loot, scavenge or harvest
#3 Can't use the back pack
#4 Can't do an entire mission in first person
#5 Can't see the ability bar

There's 5 and even more, like fast travel and seriously doing missions!

-Visible ability bar, perhaps smaller, and moved to the side?
-Health, stamina and gamma bar where it is, however with a different design, and perhaps just experience & near getting more AP, without the level and amount of AP.
-Mini map moved to the bottom right
-Addition to the inability to see the interact with npc's, like getting your garage out and looting

Something awesome and extremely useful would be improving the VOLP; private or team voice overs, as well as responding in chat with a message in text, however spoken into a microphone, without something like automatic. spelling and grammar correction

Missions/Mission lines;2
Shouldn't I be able to see what Lifenet missions I've done, like the primary storyline missions?(perhaps for AP missions as well?) It's hard, I needed to think and look online for hours before discovering. I kind of want to make a guide for it, as well as AP missions because of it!

And finally, the mutation line Patho Transmission is missing an ability, and I was seriously enthusiastic about it!
Also, I don't know what I can use to inflict radiation damage to a target, or an enemy..

I mean, really! It's an awesome game in itself, it could just use a little touch, or something?
Like un-nerfing some of the mutations?

ps; I'm about to make the mathematically best characters in-game!!:D

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