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Opinions wanted - Melee/Crafter/Healer build (PvE)

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I started playing this game 2 days ago and since I always liked the supportive role in multiplayer games I thought healer would be my go-to choice. People told me to invest exclusively into a single weapon type of my choice, as this saves AP and makes me better at it than an hybrid would. After pondering for a while I thought melee sounded cool and different. I'm aware my character ins't exactly tanky but it should be able to mitigate some damage with self-heals and buffs, right? I also want to craft and provide/sell goods to others... just personal preference.

Telekinesis is my mob puller and ranged damage dealer.

BUILD: http://planer.fallen...CC401010101AC01

My questions are these:
1) Is this build viable?

2) Will I be wanted in raids and dungeons?

3) Is it very gamma expensive and if so, what should I do to counter it?

4) What can I improve?

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Willpower is the worst stat in the game, sadly, and can be better spent elsewhere.


Going above 180 in mutations tends not to be worth it at all :(


Enhancement and Illumination are both aura lines, it's best to pick one. I recommend illumination especially for PVE.




Should work to your liking, it uses Attack Posture as it's primary stance. You'll also require a CHOTA/LB T-shirt and a total of +10 melee while your weapons are equipped. The +10 melee should be easy as dual wield and 2h at 195 give +10 melee skill.


  • I removed Enhancement, as it's a weaker aura for PVE.
  • Kept illumination/telekinesis, if you plan to go dual wield melee as your main choice I'd drop telekinesis for something else.
  • Increased coordination to get 182 melee and keep 162 caps on Telekinesis and Illumination.
  • Lowered charisma/empathic
  • Lowered First Aid as 186 might be nice but isn't "required" for PVP or PVE.
  • Lowered Intelligence/Perception, as you don't require them as much if you don't plan to go 186 First Aid.
  • Lowered Nano-manipulation to a reasonable level (I actually use 153 90% of the time)
  • Increased endurance/strength for higher HP and increase to Armor Use/Power to respectable levels (153 power is also viable)
  • Added 57 Escape Artist for an extra movement speed buff (which should help you get away from NPCs and players alike).


I also noticed your crafting wasn't 195... which is generally what a "crafter" would have. If that's what you want, or can tell me what crafting skill cap you want, I can rework the build to attempt to keep that.

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