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December Crafter's Market!

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I dont have a cool introductory message like Hooligan does because I suck at advertising, so I'm just following his format.

This months minigames include;

- Destruction Derby (Combat Buggy pvp)
- Costume Contest "Babes of Winter"

All ages and levels are welcome to hang out, though the PVP segment will be restrictive via stats.

The Market has been a monthly event since early beta before the Auction channel or AH system was put into place. These days with 90% of the population at level cap, we gather up as a general community, party and play a few minigames, because sometimes it gets lonely out in the wasteland. If Lowbies show up we usually buy their crafts or help them gear up.

Since people from all over the real world can potentially show up at this thing, we've been presenting a countdown timer instead of a specific timezone (Ardenn lives in GMT -7, so he usually gets the times wrong if he doesnt use the countdown :P)


I promise I wont run it at the outpost again, that was a terrible idea.
We're back to an old haunt, north of Kingman near the Dry Flats (Where the Derby will be held).

Coords are 4128139, 3737616

Please note, full sized farm plots are limited, if you plan on farming during the event, you may need to show up and set up a bit early. There may be a few farms to give away by Ardenn if there's room left at event time.


Destruction Derby; A common mini-event, All participants need to play is a combat buggy. If you do not have one, we will provide players who have a minimum of 50 DEX and an available Mount slot their very own vehicle on site (while supplies last).

Each round is a Free For All / Last Man Standing vehicle fight and winners receive chips for the competition prizes. The amount of rounds will depend on the participants. (More participants makes me more inclined to do more than 3 rounds.)

Disqualification rules;
Dont leave the combat area (Usually marked off with bonfires).
Back away from the vehicles and dont shoot other players until the round ends.
Outside help from spectators is not allowed (and wouldnt help anyway, considering the arena).

Outfit Contest; Still being tested and tweaked, this month we're looking for wastelanders and survivors to prepare for winter and stay armed for future threats. Or Hot Chocolate consumption. We are seeking hotties from all over the canyon to step up and represent their version of an Ice queen to fear or a Hot snugglebunny to stay at home with.

Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

- Ice Queen
- Snow Bunny
- Mommy kissing Santa

Interpret these as you like.

Extra Info;
There will be Crafting Table raids available, either run by Ardenn Neraia or Op Hooligan depending on which of us has more tables.

We are currently not doing raffles but if you feel the need to offload some junk or are in the mood to give, I'll try and find some lower level player who needs gear.

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I'll be there, as usual  :CoolDaddio:




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Aftermath side note; The fact that only 3 people actually competed for the outfit contest, and 2 more had to be forced to participate to make it at least look like an actual competition is general indication that no one who wants to compete in vanity actually bothers to read our status updates and forums. Comparatively, the Thrash walk we did int he middle of the year, aka the Ugly contest, had 13 participants.

There were many people walking around with all kinds of styles but as long as the goal is to "Look good", no one is actually interested.

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