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Advice needed on crafter build

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I recently came back to FE after 3 years and as am nearing lvl40 I'd like to ask for some advice on my build (while I still can use basic respec injectors).

ATM my build is crafter/rifle as shown below:



I want to stay crafter and be PvP able dps/support, with some PvE ability.

I think about ditching telekinesis, as I don't see much dmg difference after Bend Metal armor debuff. First Aid will be increased as soon as I can increase it to 152.

But the main question is what aura should I run, and whether I should go for Social or Group Tactics.

I watched all Nysek's videos, but those are from 2013 and since then things seem to have changed. Max Motivational Speaker aura is nerfed to+16% healing since then (was 20 or 25% ?), so I wonder is social it worth having it now? (even as crafter build, I don't miss too much the lower vendor prices on mats)


Also thinking about Escape Artist, is it worth having in PvP?

Is the passive effect still working the same as in 2013?


Are pistols better than light amo rifles, or shotguns, for PvP?

As for rifles, I find that I'm doing much better with light ammo rifles. Constantly moving and firing, can't aim that good with slower heavy ammo rifles.

Also, is melee superior to ranged?



Lastly, @Reaps989 thx for your video guides on youtube, they are very helpful and informative. 

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