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Looking for an active CHOTA+Vista clan with regular events.

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What the title says.


If your clan doesn't hold regular events, isn't at least friendly to both CHOTA and Vista, or is friendly to every faction, I'm not interested.


I want more than just another channel on my chat window.


PM me or post a reply.




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sounds to me like you need to start a clan, happy recruiting and good luck :)




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Hey There Scabs;
Twisted Metal is a CHOTA clan, so no vista unfortunatly, however we have in the past done regular events, presently due to many of our 55s being on break, our group chillings have slowed, but we do weekly events together, bloodsports, sometimes grinding with lowbie toons,  Rep grinding and hopefully in the coming weeks we'll be setting up for a few instance raids!

If this suits you, you can drop in game mail (Or a pm) to Sjel Knifeborn, Ogre, Milessmoke or Trader Yohan.

Sorry this is quite a late response.

Contacts: Sjel Knifeborn | Malt Drikker | Kira Bloodpainted 

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