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In The Middle of Decay

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Just stretching my RP muscles with this little except I though of while I was resting. Feedback is great, after all I'm a bit rusty.




I stir the fading sparks of my fire with a stick, watching the shadows dance, as I lean against my resting horse. My body aches  from the endless travel I must make through the wasteland but I cannot turn back.


The only thing that resides behind me are the ghosts of the past and white lies ahead will allow me to live another day. It's almost a silent rule that forces each one of us to continue forward, forever forward even with the remnants of the last society still decaying around us. The last society that thought the exact same thing. Is it human nature for us to be so hardy? Or does the desire to live extend beyond our own willpower? Of course, there aren't many people left to discuss such philosophy with. I almost curse the people who gave me the freedom to think deeply. It never gets me anywhere and it left my 'teachers' in a shallow grave.


My musings are interrupted by the slow light of dawn making its way over the horizon. It slowly showers my view in a golden light and reveals to me the long road of cracked asphalt ahead of me. I stomp out my fire and jump onto my horse, hoping today that the people that strive to kill such thinking are just a little bit further behind me than yesterday.

" If the end does not justify the means -- what can?" ~Anonymous

"Thoes who live by the sword get shot by those who don't."


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