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Noob PvP build? Critique welcome

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Trying a dual handgun build.  Any advice welcome.  Primary goal "Keeping alive" long enough to learn how not to be utterly without utility.


Dex 98

End 97

Int 98

Per 88


armor 170

Dodge 153

1 Aid 162

Group Tactic 129

Handgun 154

Power 162

Prec. 179


Empathy 129

TK 126


Far from optimal, no kneecap/agonizing wound or other movement debuff, weak aura, too many armor debuff: overwhelm, Bend Metal, Dent armor.



Combat Endurance



Equipment:  undecided, GT armor & helm, and Death Toll Heavy handgun x2


I'm hoping that the build will give me more of a buffer before defeat while doing enough damage to not be ignored. 








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Multiple armor cuts are not a bad thing, you can always cycle them rather than using them all at once.

Your stat layout is eatting a lot of AP, you should easily be able to run attack posture rather than Desperado. I can post a build up after work.




The extra power from your stance, as well as another 30 power from aura, will net you a 4% armor penetration bonus at all times. The Bend Metal you were going to use (126) would've only given you a 11%+ armor cut 1/6th of the time. Not to mention is considerably harder for you to use pistols with an active mutation, sadly.

Also added higher snarebreak, higher staunch, made sure you got 20% critical chance between weapon skill/precision, and pretty much just evened out your AP to maximize what you were looking for.

If you'd like me to still have Bend Metal 4 in there, I can do it of course.

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