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☣ Twisted Metal - Pure CHOTA Clan ☣

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 Fighting, Family and Freedom. 


Walking through the dry waste, another empty day, another 12 boxes of Pistol ammunition to go.

Mesoprene is in good condition, Redstones all fixed up and ready to go.

Problem is...
Go where?

Where ARE you going waster?

Twisted Metal, Not a CHOTA Clan, but the very definition of CHOTA is a crafters, PvE, PvP clan trying to reestablish ourselves in the wastes.
Once we were great, but how the mighty fall.
Gods can be killed, but ideas... Ideas last forever.

Twisted Metal Will support our members right from level 1 to 55, throughout any play-style, be it questing, grinding, doing absolutely nothing at all (Like Malt) You name it, we support it!


Contact Sjel Knifeborn | Malt Drikker | Kira Bloodpainted | Dane Jarling | TheOneTrueJim For information.
(I'm really not great at these inspirational notices...)


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Contacts: Sjel Knifeborn | Malt Drikker | Kira Bloodpainted 




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Every CHOTA Tribe has its strengths and value. I would not call Twisted Metal your average clan of soft-hearted cuddlebugs willing to share a glass of bloodwine and gossip about a townsip's woes and the weather, but a teeth-gnashing, up-front, knot of loyal fury. You cannot Force someone to become a CHOTA, they are born that way. The decision to swear into our faction isnt taken lightly. You are with us or against us.

There have been times the other tribes have called to the Warcheif to "Set them Straight" or "make them fall in line", but from my observations, they are as CHOTA as the rest of us, formed of Blood Horde and Oath Takers. Their mouths are not clean, they are opinionated, they will stab true against anyone that threatens their freedom, and this is the way it should be. While most might call them Misfits or Rejects, they are fiercely loyal to one another and will work with the rest of the faction towards the greater goal of expanding our territory and putting down the Enforcer threat.

If you find the other tribes limp-wristed and dull, Authority figures abusing power and vault space, or are disgusted by Omni clans, give Twisted Metal a try.

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