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August Crafter's Market!

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Hello all,

We're back after our short break and ready to get back into gear! We're going to try and focus on restoring (as you would call) the old ways of the market. We've slowly been dropping the number of giveaways, but increasing the quality of them. With this in mind, we have some big things planned for this market. The main things me and ardenn have been discussing for this month are...


  • 3 Big giveaways throughout the day
  • A player run auction, where prices are lower than the general everyday AH




All are welcome to the Crafter's Market, as long as you can get to the town we're hosting it at.



The crafter's market originated back before Auctionhouse existed, and stood as a way for the community to get together to sell their wares from the far reaches of the wastes! Now it serves as a place for people to come and socialize, recruit, sell, and party!



August's market will be on August 8th at the regular time of 1 PM GMT - 6 

(For those of you who have trouble translating the time zones, I've posted a handy-dandy countdown timer below)




This months market will be located in New Flagstaff S2, around the bar area like usual.

     /waypoint 4516335 5492101


Now the event, The auction!

regarding the auction, I'll be taking any craftable items, but am going to have to limit it to 3 items per 1 person entered into the auction.

When mailing the items, mail the items with the subject being "CM Auction" or something along those lines.

Within the letter, please list your lowest wanted bid, or the item will be returned for you to try again. :P


Additional Info:

We will not be having the market raffles start 2 hours early, just because we will be having 3 big ones instead of them every 15-30 mins. :P

If you'd like to place a farm, be sure to come early. People start placing farms a few hours early, and all the good spots are taken by the time the market launches.

The only donations we will be accepting are chip donations, tents / farms, and high ticket items (respecs, unlocks, high end vehicles, premiums, DT / Dome weapons, etc)


We always get swarmed with questions during market day, for example "HOW DO I ENTER THE RAFFLE?" here's how;

All raffles will be announced in /region chat from either Ardenn Neraia or Me, and will go along the lines of


"Raffle #<insert current raffle number here>! PM me the word "<key word>" for a chance to win <number of items here>, raffle closes in <number of mins til close>!"


So basically, PM the announcer the word listed to be entered in for a chance to win that item.


If I missed anything, or you have any questions, Be sure to PM me on steam, comment here, contact me ingame, etc.

Thank you all for your support, it would be impossible to keep doing these markets without the lovely community of this game. :) <3


- Op Hooligan

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