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Aequus Numerus (Recruiting. Role-Play/PvP-PvE/Crafters)

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Aequus Numerus


Q. What is Aequus Numerus?

A. Aequus Numerus is a brand new clan

looking for mature players. 


Q. What is the clan about?

A. Aequus is a Role-play clan. Although our main focus is Role-play

the clan can be meant for anyone. 


Q. What is Role-play?

A. There is a Role-play community on Fallen earth.

Best info/Source: http://fallenearth.rp-haven.com/ 


Q. Why should I join this clan?

A. Our future plans will offer players events to attend,

quest help, PvE and PvP focused events.

The main leader is active, so there will be no fear of the clan being inactive. 

There are also no ranks. The players choose which role they want to fill in.

We are a neutral guild. (This doesn't mean your character can't secretly be a villain of 

some sort. As long as the guild name is left out of their acts, then create as many

"take over the world" plans as you'd like.)


Q. What are the requirements to join? 

A. There are none. Any player is welcomed to join.


Q. Are there any rules?

A. Only two; respect other players and follow Fallen Earth's TOS.


Q. You still don't have me sold. There any other reasons to join?

A. The leader isn't new to the game, meaning they have some 

experience under their belt. Plus... we have cookies. 



If you're interested in signing up, then contact Chance Nielson  via tell or mail in game.

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