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When picking up items there should be...

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I think it would be a simple fix for the developers to add in when looting mobs or harvesting to have the chat state how many of an item you received. 99% of the time I use the quick pickup method and it is hard to see how many of an item I am getting and when I look at chat it just says, "you find scrap wood"  


I think it would be pretty simple for it to state how much you received, "you find 2x Scrap Wood" etc. etc. depending on the item.


This is just a rough idea please if you support this just post here or if you have refinements to this idea post... or criticism.


Thank you for your time Developers if you do read this.





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Would be nice, +1. I think it was suggested before.. but ages ago xD
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basic, but a must.




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Ooops, bit late here.
Also maybe if you could set an option to loot ALL corpses around you?
Could be turned off for team raids and such.

I think that would work magnificently with this idea.

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