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Union of Traders

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Clan name: Union of Traders
PvP/PvE/RP: We are primarily a PvE/crafters clan, but also RP and PvP friendly.

Faction(s) welcome: UoT is an omni-faction clan - members are free to affiliate themselves with a faction of their choice - the clan will remain neutral.

Clan concept: Union of Traders is a fairly new FE clan. Created by Mr Artiks and Iverum with the idea of focusing on tradeskills. Our goal is to learn all aspects of tradeskills and enjoy the game in a mature and friendly atmosphere. Players that seek to focus on PvE, solo-play, and crating, are the best fit for UoT. But, we are not exclusive and encourage members to team for harvesting, scavenging and questing, as well as for RP & PvP if they are so inclined. Overall we want to create  a friendly and cooperative atmosphere where members can feel at home. 

Age requirement: Mature 18+

Nationality or language your clan is focused around: We have members from all parts of the world, for some English is second language, therefore a little patience comes a long way, but primarily we use English in clan chat.

Timezone: Like I said, we have members from all parts of the world, so there is usually someone on during prime hours.

Recruiting: We are seeking  mature players with sense of humors. After all this is only a game.

In game contacts: Iverum, Mr Artiks
Website: None
Ventrillo/Teamspeak: None

Additional information: We like a drama free chat. 

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