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Linux availablity?

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I have it downloaded and installed but when i go to launch the game it fails immediately and when i try using WINE it just says there is no windows program associated to launch it :/ any help getting it to work? i've seen people playing it on linux im on Mint 17 cinnamon 64 bit.

Xiong Xiao

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ok i dont use debian based distros, i use Gentoo but this should help you

first of all NEVER install without specifying a WINEARCH or WINEPREFIX.

I also have a directory in my ~ called wine where I install all wine apps into (thats wine not dot wine).  I copy installers into here and issue the following commands before running (exaple given is for fallen earth)


from a bash shell type




wine FallenEarth_GamersFirst_LIVE!_Setup_EN.exe


I then create a script to launch the game, i never click an icon to launch any wine games as the output in the console I launch from gives useful cluse when i encounter problems.  For fallen earth I have a script in /home/me/wine as follows...


export WINEARCH=win32
export WINEPREFIX=/home/mark4/wine/FE
wine FE/drive_c/Program\ Files/GamersFirst/Fallen\ Earth/FEUpdater.exe

i save this to a file called fe.sh

to launch the game i cd into wine and type ./fe.sh


installing into a prefix specified in all capitals gives me the ability to type ./fe<tab> and thers no conflict between fe/ and fe.sh

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