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APB Reloaded Video Competition - Submission thread

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This thread is for the APB Reloaded Video Competition - Submission thread. Please do not hold any discussions in this thread. If you have questions about the contest, please ask in the main event thread

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Hey guys Addex here!


A few days ago when the blog post was posted I got very excited when I saw the bit referring to the video competition! For the past few weeks I've been wanting to take a stab at making a video around the APB:R universe but have been put off as I don't really see my self with the creative skill set required to do so. Until today when I saw what other community members have said in the other competition postings. I really want to see the APB:R universe grow and what a better way to do so by getting the current community involved.


Being excited and all I really want to post what I have currently as an WIP posting. I hope this gives  motivation for other film makers or players to take a stab at making something that will attract new players! Just something else to say for the one's saying they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to using a film editor. I had no idea how to use my current editor and still dont really know what I'm doing when it comes to messing around with effects and other nick nacks that are hidden in the current program I have. I hope to keep updating this post when I start to work on the project again but for now I'm off to bed.


Current WIP 720p (I know the text is off putting) :


Once I am completely done with the video I will also return to edit the post in order to make sure it meets the submission requerments. Best of luck to all!

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For now:

Better one coming

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We'll be posting information very soon  

Greets, Leander / Reapers

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The themes/topics of my video are,

Action/Customization/A bit of art/and a bit of missions


• All Videos must include one point of contact (key team member).

Im the only one in the video

• List all members and participants that were involved in the project.

Just Me

• All Video footage can be made in any fashion desired, but must be the author’s original work and cannot contain copy written material.

No copyright that i know of

• Please included a development timetable (time to complete) when submitting work.

Recording all the clips took a few days, editing took 1-2 days.





This was my first ever APB video and it was fun. At the time of recording i didn't have the best gear mostly because i was to lazy to level my contacts.Good luck to the rest of you

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Submission Date: 4/19/2015 at 5:49am
Video Length: 1:01 (This includes the intro and outro, I hope there can be some leniency as my video submission was sort of based around being fast paced)
Point of Contact: Myself, I can be contacted here, or via email listed in the description of the video.
Members Involved In Project: Myself  (and Fluffy from SAF on Colby who assisted me with the skate park scene)
Development Timetable: This should be funny. 
12:00am - I read there was an announcement for video editing contest going on.
12:30am - Began customizing my character and vehicle to be used in the filming and editing of my make-shift commercial.
1:45am - I sat down and wrote out a few different scripts and chose the best lines to use. This was really weird because it involved a lot of watching of old school commercials to get into the feel of how we use to do things, clearly in the most hilarious way possible.
2:45am - I set up my microphone (I use a samson C01u condenser) to begin recording my previously written script. I ended up doing over 50 different takes of the entire script to make sure I got the sound I was searching for, the audio you hear is purposefully 'bad' sounding to mock old school commercials. I got this effect by adding static and pitching it up a tad to make it seem 'wirery'
3:30am - I started filming the scenes, using the best camera angles possible without a free camera tool this proved frustrating. I tried to make most of the filming happen in front of the GA5 Station's, I was hoping for more action but late at night, it turned out the best it could.
4:30am - I began designing and editing logos and texts in Photoshop to be used as overlays in the commercial. I went into APB and took screenshots of all the logos and designs and even colors I would need to snag for my logos, so yes...the colors are the same they use in the game! 

5:00am - Video editing begins. I started by adding in all the footage I recorded and picking and choosing the best angles for what suited the voice over I previously recorded. Editing in this particular style was the first time I have ever done it. I was shooting for an old television commercials, namely the mattress salesmen guys who would push their product so hard it was just funny. I had to adjust the levels to the more orange-ish side and add a bunch of different effects i.e. static, film effects, blurs etc. to achieve a look that I was happy with.

6:00am - I began the render and waited.... (my PC is kinda slow these days) and now we have the end result, a full 1080p 30fps Advert for GA5 Station's all across the wonderful world of APB: Reloaded!

I have always wanted to see a series of commercials for APB: Reloaded (similar to how they have them on the radio in Grand Theft Auto Games) and I thought this was an epic idea that I've wanted for a very long time. I may just have to go and make a commercial for every single random company in APB: Reloaded, because why not?

So Here It Is!


Check Me Out On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/mrjoetrocious





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Becouse of time limits, I was forced to cut the best scenes of all our funny moments to the one, most epic part.

  • TOPIC : Clans ( you can pin on it to Action and Districts as well. Or even Art. No idea let's stay with "clans" :) )


  • "point of contact (key team member)" - It's "funny moments" complication.

​I could make any epic cinematic etc. But i wanted now to make something different than projects of other people. I think i showed even in my "complication" how creative i am.  I would love to make a cinematics for apb and i got TONS OF IDEAS but this time I wanted to focus on showing that HOW FLEXIBLE is that game. Wanted to show you Guys how much fun You can earn by playing this game in the group. Even when you are not playing a mission, this video proves that, this game is epic and you can do here what you want. You have no limits to do things here if you resourceful enough (Like me :P).

My main thing of that video type was that, THERE IS NO BETTER ADVERTISEMENT THAN A FUNNY MOMENTS. 

This attracts people like nothing other. Watching funny scenes of the game encourages people to play this game and to try to do something as funny as that they watched. It's my opinion :)


  • Participants are :

- xSagittiSx / SuCZ

- R3DI92l / OrianaOlkov / MrsGenesis

- Igi21021PL

- Czosnex

- MaverickPL

And of course me : Krigannes - Clan leader and the man who made all videos. Whole work is mine and it's my video. My friends just helped me a bit with recording while playing together and havin' lots of fun :) Whole plan and vision was by me.


That's "funny moments" complication cut from all nTx Clan's videos ( all was made by me ).


  • "All Video footage can be made in ...." - I have rights to use everything I have posted. It's my original work and none of the parts are not breaking any laws. Even used musics and sounds and EVEN PICTURES ARE LEGAL THERE :) Everything is legit. The one THING i have used is YOUR OFFICIAL OUTTRO FORM UR OFFICIAL TRAILER but i think that's not a problem, cuz u forced me to do it (by your rules of the contest :P). So in my opinion all is correct and everything is legit :)


  •  Please included a development timetable (time to complete) when submitting work. - Cutting, tuning up, elaborating etc. got me few hours. (like 6-7) But recording scenes and mounting them to the original funny moments which I cut to make this " best of..." took me LOOONG DAAAAYS. I was collecting materials for months. And it was really hard job and i am pround of the effects.


I HOPE THAT EVERYONE ENJOYED IT . HAVE A NICE DAY AND I'M GLAD OF THAT I COULD GIVE YOU SOME LAUGH :) I really would like to make this game even better than it is and i hope that i will win . Like my post if you liked my idea :)

PS : I HAVE FULFILLED ALL INCLUDED RULES.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~Krigannes and nTx Clan.



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Ok so, basically my recording crew turned their back on me and I couldn't do the Video the way I wanted. My original intention was to make a STSFilms like Video showcasing Asylum and the CSG, yet, it turned to a semi /d showcase and montage (?). So completely not the way I wanted, yet since it was thought for this, I will post it anyway, hope someone can find joy atleast.

sidenote: If anybody wants to form a Movie-Making Group, I would be totally up for that and would like to form one to do some cool Vids, not only for this submission but in general. You do not even have to have some special video-editing skills, being a part of recording-crew is also an core part! So if any1 is interested, pm me! 
time this was made in : 1,5 hrs including recording,editing,rendering. I know the Video is kinda effortless and "bad" and that one could do a lot better, I pretty much lost my inspiration hence the quit of my mates out of this project. :(

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Rewind Director Mind

A cinematic dramatically trailer.

Competition ends 15th May 2015.
- Date of post. 4/ 24/2015
All Videos must be no shorter than 1 min and no longer than 3 min.
Film duration 2 minutes 43 seconds.
All Videos must include one point of contact (key team member).
Specialized knowledge scripted, understandble for the team cooperate.
List all members and participants that were involved in the project.

- Kuyichi - Akamie - Sjana - Exoticz 'renamed' - Kil4pish - R4sm4sdk - xxBlackHeartxx 'renamed'
- TheDarkhell - Marietta - Terror- ExileRiven - KidAz - Croo - Project - Arkan031PL - LizziLiten
- Kill4pish - Dikiz - Lethalgiri - Minzpulver - Mimi -TheDarkHell - D4rkRider - Eversor - Jym - Minaki
- Johanss - Jix - Momo - Crazygirll - Queenstella - Zexboost - TheDarkstorm - Zkelez - Porke - Avengers
- Dangergirl2013 - St4cheng0 - Tedix - Lividus - xxxDeathxxx 'renamed' - Yuki - JudyJericho - Kuanyin - Egykiller
Team/Group collaborations are accepted but individual members are not allowed to resend multiple submissions.
3 Groups. 1 Group (Main actors), Group 2 (Story actors), Group 3 (Backup actors)

Storyboards,Edits,Records are done alone by me no help was involved.

All Video footage can be made in any fashion desired, but must be the author’s original work and cannot contain copy written material.

  • Music "Extortion" by Brand X Music ()
  • Category Entertaiment
  • Licence Standard YouTube Licence

Music copyrighted content was found in the video.
The claimant is allowing their content to be used in the YouTube video.

[If this is a problem to join the video contest, please do not hesitate to contact me and i shall change immediately to a non-copyrighted video.]
All submitted Videos become the property of Reloaded Games.
Please included a development timetable (time to complete) when submitting work.
Storyboard - 1 week.
Editing- 3 days.
Please maintain a relationship between the material and APB Universe.
All footage is from APB reloaded productions.


Rewind Director Mind [Contest Video]


[ More cinematography films link below ]

[ Youtube Channel ]

[ Steam Group ]

Thank you for watching.
Any comments would be appreciated !

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Not sure why the length is limited to 3 minutes. It's a pity because I'd have many more APB creations I tried to pay tribute to the game with.



  • All content is my original work and all ingame footage was recorded by myself, furthermore there were no other players involved.


Point of contact:

  • Me - Main character: theiinux (Obeya EU1)


Development timetable:

  • Gameplay recordings ~ July 2014 - December 2014
  • Cinematic recordings ~ 1 day, 3-4 hours
  • Intro Banner creation ~ Back in January 2014, 2 days work, ~ 4-5 hours
  • Total editing time + fine tuning/adjustments/completion ~ 2 weeks, ~ 1h per day

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This is prolly the only good apb video I have ever made

also its 2 years old the shader + ceased to exist months before you guys made it against the rules.




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So here is Oversight's submission for now:


Theme: Clans


Point of contact: Tember (Obeya EU1)



  • All Points Bulletin - Character Creation
  • The Ballad of the Silver Gun - The Sweet Revenge
  • Showdown - Pendulum
  • Break Before I bend - Mr Twist
  • Robien
  • Tember
  • Minicup
  • DennisW
  • The Trainee - Robien
  • Narration - Chinhuo
  • I want you to be my underling - Tember
  • WEE OOO - DennisW
---Other participants---
  • R4sm4sDK
  • Jackson320
  • Anaya
  • Captainsmith
  • Nikkita
  • TheUnloved
  • MrDutchie
  • TheMessiah






  • Writing the script
  • Recording the "trainee gets rekt" montage
  • Recording random scenes
  • "Trainee gets rekt" completed
  • Recording additionnal scenes
  • Adding conversationnal models
  • Recording voices
  • Adding voiceover
  • Video complete
  • Uploading to youtube....


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Making indie games while I wait for the engine upgrade:





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I copied what i said from my other topic.


/!\ I know i should have posted that on the french forums,but the forums are dead since 2012,by the way,this is our very first movie using apb,so sorry for the lack of special effects. /!\
Murky water Proudly presents his first movie using apb! :




Actors(there are 11 actors in total,note that they are all from the clan,murky water):

Kaidorte:He didn't had a role,but he filmed and edited the video.

Pumpkiller(me)as:Old Hoxton,payday band member.

Falk0(now plays on his reroll,khatsumi)as:Wolf,payday band member.

Massacretout:Dallas,payday band member.

Lebatard:Clover,payday band member.

Shoupette:A civilian.

Nemesys:Another civilian.

Jetex:A police officer.

Gtgamer:2nd police officer.

Mixou:the 3rd police officer.

Creed:4th police officer.

NOTE:everyone played the final scene as the murky water soldiers.

The time it took to make costumes:Nearly half a month.

Writing the scenario:6 straight days to debate it :b

Time of the video:Originally the old scenario makes the video last 5 minutes.But with the new scenario,it lasts 3 minutes and 40s.

Time spent acting:We spent 7 hours to act,but we spent 2 hours to fix my TS audio .lol

Background:We started thinking about the project at the pre ff era,we couldn't do it before because we hadn't enough active and motivated members to do that,we were 23 in total,but we were just 4-5 active members,(massacretout,the clan leader,me,as the co leader,creed,falk0 and kaidorte) we already did the costumes,but we needed more actors to wear these costumes,we weren't sucessful at gatherng enough members (we only got two new members),so the project was aborted until the fairfight update came,that month,we gathered much more members,but since the update came,we couldn't remember it until we found our old costumes sets,and then we were continuing the whole project.

When payday 2 came out,we thought that it would be better to change characters and the scenario,so we switched Chains with Clover and originally,the bank truck was supposed to get chased by the payday van and then getting away while getting chased by murky waters.But because we had a huge problem with making Kaidorte invisible to the camera sight,we scrapped this idea.


I hoped you have enjoyed our video! :D

Tip of the day






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Disqualified forgot to put my graphics to max :(







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Flare Gun kill montage.

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Mooooar Legendary'es, I WANT MOOOAR OF THEM:






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Made for Fun No Haterino Ples





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Focus: Advertising / Spotlight / Humor
Development Timetable: around 7 hours
NA Colby West

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Breaking News
(4K resolution & captions available)

All in-game footage.


Camera,script,translation,postproduction (Editing,animations,etc.),news anchor & music:
  • VIP Deluxe

  • SgtAcer
  • Shiiza
  • Nither
  • ProjektAlice

"APB: Reloaded":
© 2015 Reloaded Games Inc.

All rights belong to their respective owners.


Day 1: Scriptwriting (English & german)
Day 2: Recording-session
Day 3-5: Post production,voice over & music composing
Day 5: Rendering & uploading

VIP Deluxe

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• Competition ends 15th May 2015.
Entered 5/13/2015, about 10:00 PST
• All Videos must be no shorter than 1 min and no longer than 3 min.
1 min. 35 sec.
• All Videos must include one point of contact (key team member).
• List all members and participants that were involved in the project.
Just me. BCMonkey is my main, Master Mime is my alt. Everyone else is an NPC or were just in the game world at time of recording.

• All Video footage can be made in any fashion desired, but must be the author’s original work and cannot contain copy written material.
Music used is from the YouTube free audio library.
• All submitted Videos become the property of Reloaded Games.
Ok, but I'd still like to keep it on my channel if possible.
• Please included a development timetable (time to complete) when submitting work.
I don't exactly remember. It started off as a straight up tutorial, but I took it in a different direction. It took about a week of editing, interspersed with capturing new clips and adding or re-doing voice over work. I would say this is about two weeks worth of effort, mostly done in the evening hours, as I have a full time day job.
• Please maintain a relationship between the material and APB Universe.
All in game footage used.

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*I don't think I can get a 60fps version up on time, so for now here's the 30fps version*
Since my test video I did some time ago worked out pretty well, I had planed to do something simmiliar for when the engine upgrade hit, but since that keeps getting pushed into the unforseen future, I was like why not lets put something together for this event. I had limited time to work on this, but was still a fun little project.


Coming up with the idea: A couple of train rides and showers

Total recording time: 3 hours

Editing: 2 hours


no hate plox :troll_face:


YouTube | OBT Veteran | Andoy




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Sorry for a late, but here is my video:



• Video took to made about 1 week, 3 hours per day. Gameplay was made in 3 days and cinematic recording took about 3 hours.

• My video long is  2:14.

• All done myself. 

• Main character: IC4 (Obeya).

• VIdeo was uploaded 2015-05-14

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• All submissions must be submitted by Midnight PST 15th May 2015  to the APB Reloaded Video Competition - Submission thread.

Submission date: 5/14/2015 at 7:08 p.m. PDT.

• Competition ends 15th May 2015.

• All Videos must be no shorter than 1 min and no longer than 3 min.

Film duration: 00:02:59.

• All Video footage can be made in any fashion desired, but must be the author’s original work and cannot contain copy written material.

Point of contact: Myself. I can be contacted here or via Steam (JaneConstantino).

• Please included a development timetable (time to complete) when submitting work.

Development timetable:

04/23/2015: 3 hours to film the first parts.

04/25/2015: Filmed some other scenes.

05/07/2015: Spent around 4 hours editing.

05/13/2015: Spent another 4 hours (or more) editing.

Around 2 days filming (a couple of hours). Maybe 2 nights editing.

• List all members and participants that were involved in the project.

Main characters:


Secondary characters:

Unit 43



• All Video footage can be made in any fashion desired, but must be the author’s original work and cannot contain copy written material.

I recorded all the footage. The music is from APB Reloaded.

• All submitted Videos become the property of Reloaded Games.

• Please maintain a relationship between the material and APB Universe.

• Focus on not only what you want to see, but what you feel others would appreciate.  All videos should attract or provide the incentive to participate and join the world of APB Reloaded (please specify when you submit).

It's a fun game. Never stopped playing since I started playing last year. One of the things that I like most is the wide range of costumization.


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APB Cinematic Trailer - Then and now, the fight continues
Length: 2:35
Key Member: Sluttles
Members & Participants:
• Samples were taking from:
Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart for my sweetheart (Licensed APB music)
• Please included a development timetable (time to complete) when submitting work.
• Focus on not only what you want to see, but what you feel others would appreciate.  All videos should attract or provide the incentive to participate and join the world of APB Reloaded (please specify when you submit).
"Several large changes are looming over San Paro. Will you be there to witness it? Now is the time to join the fight. Both long time players looking to return and new players have much to look forward too in this now escalated clash of factions."


This is a "cinematic'y" trailer made for the official apb video contest. The idea was to "advertise" or at least relate to the big changes that everybody has been waiting for. We suffered many injuries on the set due to rogue spectators. I got dump'd, and it sucked. Most cast members were also visiting Los Santos at the time, including myself.

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An Extension of My Music Submission



It took me an hour to figure out the scene & what I was going to say

Another hour to get a take I was happy with


I have no experience video editing but am excited to start getting into it


There are plenty of AMAZING submissions, I'm not expecting to win with this video...

It's more of a concept I've wanted to share with the APB community


Since APB doesn't have much of an interactive story I figured it would make sense for the community to be the ones to make up their own stories. We're all going to be merged onto the same server (Colby was getting lonely T_T) So I'm very excited to meet new creative individuals with common interests.


We can take this game from having no story to the best one!


I'm part of a clan whose aim is to provide the most cinematic streams possible while trying to stay immersed in the universe


If anyone is interested we're currently recruiting both crims and enforcers alike :]




- AZ

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Be all you can't be.























The idea of the video is to show the amount of things you can do, how customised you can look and the freedom of expressing yourself in the way that you want that so many of us enjoy in APB Reloaded. The idea of "Be all you can't be" applies so well to this game and is the basis of this trailer.

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Characters : Union - SKay (Crim) OfficerSK (Enforcer) Citadel - SKayCrim (Crim) SKayENF (Enforcer)

If you have a question about APB, it's weapons, cars, mods and LeBoyce, PM me! I am an SPCM!


noob 1v1 me pls ;D

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