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Dual wield Sawed offs

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Jerrel Marksman

Jerrel Marksman


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I think it would be awesome to make sawed offs dual wield. First of all they get barely used maily because they are under powered compared to all other weapons and making them dual wield would make them more powerfull. With the current stats they might be over powered when they go dual wield but that can be changed with more delay or a less bigger clip. And hey, who doesn't want to dual wield Sawed offs ;)

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Jerrel, I think it's an awesome idea as well. The problem is that a weapon that can be dual-wielded can also be paired with a different type of weapon and with a shotgun/pistol combination, which cross-hair gets used? One answer is making sawed-offs only pair-able with another sawed off, but I personally would love to pair mine with an auto-pistol, just for the cool factor. Another solution could be to default them to the pistol cross-hair if paired with a pistol. However it's done, I do like the idea.


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Well since the new AP ones have 1 second delay, they should get 96 listed DPS before resists. If they were dual wield, at all, they'd need to be nerfed considerably otherwise you might as well remove shotguns entirely.


Also there is no limitation to what can be dual wield to my understanding once it is...


It's meant to be an "option" and unlike the rest of pistols, if it became dual wield you might as well remove any thought of shotgun or melee as it would easily outclass both.


14 DPS is all that's between it and the S.I.R. Melee is roughly.

The Jet Engine Hammer is 32 higher than the SIR, unlike previous shotguns of equal rank which were only a 20 DPS loss... but that's another rant.



TL;DR : The pistols are in a fine place, are viable, and if touched ruin any point of 2h melee or Shotguns unless they were made weak as hell.


Edit : As soon as it steps above shotguns in DPS... might as well all roll pistol unless you're gonna snipe.


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Actually the reason they aren't used is they take up the pistol slot. When in reality they should be a back slot. If they were moved to a back slot they would be fine.

edit - maybe not perfect but a higher chance they would get used. As from memory this was 1 of the complaints about pistol shotguns.

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IMO nice was if they are pistol and rifle skill for use. Crafter riflemans have legslots used only for cosmetic. If sawed offs are for rile too, they find more use.

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