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Good bye:)

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Chantelle Barrow

Chantelle Barrow


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Hello every one. Creating this post to say big thanks for some people.

Thanks Kit, as the first person who said: hey, I can help you stranger. I dont care what people say about you, I'll remember this.

Thanks a lot Skavurska and Jozvan - you are the best people in community imho. 

Thanks to my "angels" Miss Electra, Cye...wolf(sorry I dont remember proper nickname)  and Fatal Cfarter.

A big thanks for my BS mates: Val Entine and Flaczek, you guys are the best at BS and I dont care about others. ;)

And for PVP mates: all clan TR and specially M and G ;)

Ns Sally  (or Ms), Judy Garland and Xchayn..x(or smth like that) for a good company :)

August Spies for help at PVP and some PVP tutorials.

Skripka, bro, dergis' :)

Little Op, ofc, fam ;)

And a lot other people whos nicknames I forgot, sorry.

Wish you luck at the wastelands ;)




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Nuuuuuuuu! I'm sorry to see you go...please take care and be well, safe and paid! Don't worry about what people say about me...90% of it is good. Most of my detractors are hackers who got exposed by my finger-pointing or people who think I should shut-up because I'm not as "pro" as they are or want me to be a nice, quiet lil' girl. To their chagrin, I'm neither "pro" OR a nice, quiet lil' girl. You, however, were a new player who was just looking for a little help, and I just want to pay forward what Xfallenonex, Ablacksheep, Darren Keg and many others did for me. It was my pleasure to help, I hope it was what you needed. Again, be safe, take care and I hope to see you back; FE can use the classiness!


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Op Hooligan

Op Hooligan


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bb pls, I'll miss you! <3

I give you my best wishes out there doing whatever you'll be doing. You will be heavily missed.  :spinsad:

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