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Crafter looking for a group to socialize with

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Mort Vent

Mort Vent


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Level 10 rifle/crafter build. right now, catching up my tradeskills


Working on most if not all my tradeskills right now, looking for a group that is willing to help a little (maybe get some skillbooks for me when I'm too low level to go get them myself .. of course I'd pay for them and postage.  As well as help find some resources for use while leveling skills)


Plan on mostly being self sufficent, though likely going to need help with the atv quest soon.  Plan to go round and round S1 and make sure I leave no ap or recipie behind (I'm ocd on getting recipies and exploring)


My times online can vary some, freemium though if that helps.


Faction wise I think I'll stay mostly neutral till laters (depends on what perks there are to joining factions)


Not really in the game for pvp, but not adverse to it as needed.  More a crafter focused carebear

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