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Cockroach Brotherhood (Enforcers)

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Hello, Hello, Hello I am MrWafleFries Cockroach Brotherhood Leader. I come here today to recruit you! We are a very fast growing, helping clan that wants YOU to join us! We accept anyone and everyone, We love helping new players, and even old players. We just opened the clan yesterday and we already have over 100 members. So what are you waiting on? Join Today!



  • Mrwafflefries

Chain of Command:

  • Liruyo
  • Burnflamez



  • Peon - Brand New Meat.
  • Cockroach - Regular Members.
  • Footsoldier - Trusted Members. (Aloud access to Vaults)
  • Lieutenant - My Second in Command
  • Enforcer - Clan Leader


All Vaults are locked for all Peons, and Cockroach. To get access to Vaults, Play Regularly, Donate To the vaults regularly, and be active in Clan Chat.



We are part, or will be part of the Enforcers Faction. We are still new to the game, so we have no idea how it works. Sadly..



Welcome to the Cockroach Brotherhood.
We are just a small group of friends that had the money to make a clan. We gather and collect together. So we always have left over stuff for people that join. We don't know much about the game yet. But we will! 
We will get into Clan Raidings as we get to higher levels :)
Anyone is welcome! So Join your friends, everyone can invite there friends directly!

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