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Working on Chip making (better one) Guide.

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Price Morgan

Price Morgan


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Hello ya'll :) i'll be making a chip making guide for you in the upcoming 2 weeks or so, if you want me to make a guide about something please let me know it'll be my pleasure to add em to my "to do list" :) Happy gaming.


and a special thanks to Reaps and afew others that helped me out :)



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Guide to Farming Fasteners 

Stone Cold Aaron

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  1. Bloodsports: If down go to #3
  2. Farm for days
  3. PVP whenever possible
  4. Sell at a reasonable price.


There are materials from certain mobs that will sell even well to NPCs, kinda like how I get 45 Nature Skill before going to S3 rats simply to get Weak Bio Chem from them (Sell via AH or NPC and flip it into ammo and repair kits to keep leveling).


There's also plenty of substitute items which can be used to craft consumes quite effectively.


But go ahead and make a guide, since I know it's unlikely that I will ever create a guide to level crafting quickly... let alone chips quickly when I can just bump above 10y anytime I log in to sell DT.

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This thread was posted like 7 months ago :Ha Ha Ha:

But anyways Harvesters are also very profitable like Scrap Plastic for S2, Scrap Titanium for S3 then there's Rothium, Salvaged Titanium, Salvaged Carbon Steel and Scrap Computer Chips for endgame zones. The events in The Outpost zone are also very profitable since the nodes after completing the events give Rothium, Salvaged Carbon Steel and some other misc materials.

For S1 some very easy money makers are these:

http://fallenearth.w...lf_Slaughterdog< - High chance to drop a Crimson Mask which can vary in prices from 15r to 40r
http://fallenearth.w...e_Crow_Overseer- High chance to drop The Solution which can vary in prices from 2r to 12r

Here's the rest of the serendipity mobs: http://fallenearth.w...erendipity_MobsSome of them drop some very valuable stuff but also it's chance based as it's random if they're there or not and if they drop the item.

To make big chips in FE though you gotta have a good nestegg of chips already then begin buying low and selling high and haggle people on their prices :Ha Ha Ha:

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Best way to be rich noob in s1 is .....move by your own foot. No how to horse. Empty your mind and your backback while you walk town to town. Take up all what you see on road and kill all who you meet. Loot them allways. It give you skill and raw materjals to craft or for sale.
Easy be wealthy in Canjon.

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