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Musings of a Lonely Drifter.

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I miss the old world. Can someone miss something they've never seen? Nonetheless I miss it. I carry a couple of old tourist's maps, hoping to one day see all the sights America had to offer. Been to D.C. Picked myself up a fake copy of the Declaration of Independence. Heh. Most folks don't even know what that is anymore. Grew up on the road. Pops was a LifeNet scientist trying to escape some nasty thing he'd done in the past. He never told me what. It never really mattered. Brought me up in a 2012 Mustang. Old machine. Small too. But we got by. He gave me a proper education, showed me what America was supposed to be about. And also what it became. Mustang broke down somewhere in Montana on our way to California. Pops broke down not too long after. There's a whole lot of stories between now and then. I came to the Mojave looking to see the Grand Canyon.

Name's Markus Alvarez. Drifter by trade. Have yet to meet a problem that can't be solved with good instincts and a fine rifle. Good thing too. This stretch of sand that you fine folks got is a whole lot busier than most. Between them CHOTA fellows and those large Enforcers I'm surprised anyone's had the chance to settle. I couldn't imagine settling personally but I do gotta admit that the folks here in Midway have it pretty posh considering. Sure the buildings could use some patching up and the Travelers seem to have the lay of the place but there are an abundance of resources nearby and some damn fine chefs living in the area. Also there's easy roof access for watching the stars. They could almost touch them in the old world. Lost America was possibly a century or two from space travel. Maybe Shiva was the will of the gods, trying to stop us from intruding on their land. Though it is far more likely that man's self destructive obsession with progress brought about the inevitable end. Not that it makes a difference. Even now your Techs push onward as if the world had never fallen apart. Trying so hard to tread into territory not meant for our kind.

I miss the old world. An America filled with people. An America where shooting a man was a once in a life time thing, not something done on an hourly basis. I want to see the Space Needle in all it's glory. I want to see planes take off and land. I want to see cars without blood caked onto the tires. I have a vision of Lost America, given to me by a man who'd never even seen it himself. I hope I'm never forced to face the reality, never forced to see America as it truly was. Because the reality is, the old world destroyed itself in a panic.

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Absolutely! Great read.


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Would love to hear more of your eloquently painted tale, Mr. Alvarez!




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OMG...is there going to be more?


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