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Is It Only Me That This Is Happening To? (Disqualified From Every Single Survey)

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Hello all!

I am wondering what is going on and why the surveys are even being offered to me if I am only going to get disqualified from answering the first question truthfully or it takes me deeper and deeper and then BAM YOU'RE DISQUALIFIED!!!! And you invested a few hours in it when you could have been playing APB REloaded or some other game.

Why am I doing this?
Simple to get the currency that is used in the Arma's Market place. That's why.

And with this,, I have felt like I had some money waved in my face and then slapped by some one who has thumb tacks on their hand and had the points rip through my skin and then punched in both the throat and in the jaw and then whacked down with a pick axe. (Too many dreams of having Medieval Torment brought upon me for no good reason)

Please help me out with this.

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