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Which songs should be the main music for fallen earth?

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here's mine



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Fo3's soundtrack hands down. Bethesda had an very valid point as to why that music choice was best suited for the apocalypse. It's the same reasoning behind horror trailers having calm and soothing music in many cases. Because the calming array subconsciously soothes and calms the state of mind and circumvents the body's natural state of awareness so as to cause more shock to the user when something 'unpredictable' happens. It helped make the game appear more exciting at times when in all reality hardly anything was really happening. Their choice of era for music was also an contradictory statement as it came from 'an prosperous era' when the current situation was far from the case. Which is why they had upbeat classics playing like everything was fine when nothing actually was. So something around that area in my opinion. Would appeal well to Fallen Earth's rustic appearance and all around that upbeat yet casual music choice would flow well with the irony of the environment greatly.

Hammerfall is good though solid choice of music.
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