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Weird/stupid things to do in Fallen Earth

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The Concept

The Concept


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Things to do when bored:

~ Dress up in a dress[As a male toon] and stalk a specific player without explaining what you are doing. If s/he comes to a group of friends convince them you and the one you are following are lovers in real life and enjoy this kind of roleplay. Keep a serious manner at all times.

~ Park a blightwolf mount outside of a new player lifenet and count how many attempt to kill it.

~ Name an toon after an NPC and dress him/her accordingly. Then proceed to stand still where the NPC can be found and only move to surprise others[i.e. name yourself Citadel Guard and act like a bunker guard]. Make sure your weapon matches the NPC but run out of bounds mechanically as if you are a bugged NPC. If you can match the level even better.

~ Falsely accuse a new player of stealing your lifenet clothes. When they ask to explain or attempt to defend themselves explain that you were in the same tutorial instance as them and you completed the tutorial before they could rendering you naked and gearless. If they actually try to give it back tell them you were joking[no need to steal]. If they skipped the tutorial tell them 'sorry wrong player' and seek a new target.

~ If you have a toon that can use Provoke attempt to Provoke random NPCs in towns. You'd be surprised what NPCs you can get to attack you[Lol I had a quest NPC attack me at one point and made another player wonder what happened].

~ Walk up to random players and hand them items that have potentially dirty names[i.e. strong wood] and use a wink face. When they ask why tell them "You know what to do with this' and wait for reaction OR run way silently. Make sure you haven't met the player beforehand or they'll now you enough.to know you're messing around. If they see you again and comment on your weird behavior simply tell them you don't know what they're talking about and feign ignorance.

~ Name a character after a famous company[i.e Sony] and mail random players items as a 'reward'' for subscribing for a membership with said company. Or give them a message congratulating them on winning some random giveaway. Don't respond to PMs.

~ Take a chicken mount and attempt to scale the cliffs in Citadel[I have done it and it is possible]. However do not attempt to jump through the anti-vehicle wall because I have gotten through that wall and got in trouble >.>[Free Flame Broiled he demands a nice perch!]

~ Name yourself after another player except put Companion[or follower] after their name[make sure they only have one single word name so you can add the space. Dont forget to add the S after their name so it says [player]s companion]. Proceed to follow player silently and attack their targets mechanically[i.e. run like an NPC shoot like an NPC] If you can get your partner in on it have them convince others that you can have companions in-game.

~ Get 1-2 others and fight for the 'love' of a random player. Convince others that there is a conflict of relationship between each member and try to involve the victim without giving away your joking presence[like 'she loved me first I want her back' kind of conflict. Psycho Ex for short lol]. Make it funner by finding a serious player and doing this. You'll get a better reaction.

~ Wear armor as a cosmetic then duel random players. Convince them that they are stronger than they actually thought or that your armor is bugged. If they duel you again start wearing stronger armor and watch their reaction. They will make a comment about it.

~ Play a BS match with cosmetic armor mentioned above and carry around a relatively weak weapon as your main battle attire OR a strong weapon that you have no skill points for. Proceed to 'serious' combat.*Note this may cause anger towards you from your own team*

~ Run around naked chanting random lyrics to songs like 'Eye of the Tiger'. Make sure to emphasize random words in local chat.

~ Using the emote channel create ERP 'lore' amongst random players. Keep yourself hidden while you do this. i.e. [player name here] notices how close she is and begins running his/her tongue across her neck. Weird shtako like that. Go as hardcore as desired. For extra effect make sure you have a player name that sounds like part of the game like Server Notice or something.

~ Call out a random PvPer. When asked to 'flag up' flag AFK and inform them you have flagged properly. Watch the insults come your way as most that actually react to this act so like a child. Very fun stuff.

~ Convince the members of the citadel raid to defend the next raid naked[as cosmetic mostly... unless they're cool with no resists]. Prepare screenshots if this is successful[I did it once with the entire raid and it was hilarious]. If you cannot have your friends join the raid and fight unclothed. Make sure you are all grouped together as you will be noticed easier this way. Don't talk if you do the group method and log off the moment the raid ends. Then enter in right as the other starts and repeat a few times. Questions will rise up and the comments are just great.

And that's it for now. Of course I has more but I am saving that so I have something to add into this. Add-ons? Post them below and I shall get them up with your name as credit. And remember do this at your own risk as I have various times. This is for the humorous wanderers so be warned. The wave of stupidity is coming +_+

I would like to remind any who read this to not overdo it too much. Having fun is okay but take it too far it's bad. Follow at your own risk.

~ Desu Desu KAWAII KOMBAT... that is all.

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I get bored easily :Ha Ha Ha:

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