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tebula rasa

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anyone remember this game?

I played it back in 2007 for a few months before it being shutdown due to some intressting jazz with NCsoft, I personaly think they was hoping to see the members of players that wow had but we all know the powerhouse that is wow and hows its shadow casts darkness on all games that even try to steal some of its subs.

that being said even with the crafting bugs and a few simple things that could of been fixed (and did right before they closed it in cases) the game was great fun to play but NCsoft didn't see it fit to really put any effort in and that hurt the game of course , with wow being out for around 2-3 years at this point it had plently of time to polish itself, I guess people forget with wow now being around for 10yrs ish that any game coming out is gonna have its bugs and problems but at the same time when wow came out it was a mess, if it was released now people wouldn't play it at all due to the massive amount of game breaking bugs it had for months after release (notable ones inculed: 2 raids going into the same dungon on pvp relams, flight path not being linked so having to stop at each to pick next, getting stuck on flight path for hour or more till GM could save you cuz you was unable to log out, taking 30mins or more to get into you sever to play due to ques etc etc)
This game completely stole my heart! by the time I got my hands on this game I was the typical no lifer raider in wow and when I started playing it was like jumping in a sports car with the stig after driving with your 90yr old grandma.
the combat was faster, the areas just had more.....
one time I picked up some quests went out to do them and when I got back the npc were assaulting the quest hub and I massive fight was going on at the front gate, now of course if they lost they would take the outpost and you would need to take it back witch ment you needed to get in there and help out but it added life to the world for me. it could be annoying yes but at same time it wasn't the case of "oh hey look a bunch of npc are having a very heated tea party over there" it was "holy f**k if I don't help these dudes I wont get to hand in my quests/ill lose this vendor point for awhile at lest" in ways gaving you a quest to help/free that outpost witch was completely random. I like that, instead of that huge npc army just being something that might as well just be another tree or rock it was a threat! and as the hole game was built around the fact that you was fighting for survival it gave it the depth most mmos just don't have

so to my point is it at all possible gamerfirst could pick this game up like they did with APB....im more than happy to shell out the pennys on this game for a f2p model and with a bit of love this game could be something great

p.s: please dont get this mixed up with defiance that as most mmo players know was just kinda bad lol it was so much better and this was back in 07 ffs

link to old trailer:

Alucard Blood

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i would love to see Tabula Rasa come back i had so much fun with that game!
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