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Using /unstuck to gain DT / Fight Clubbing.

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Hi All,

We wanted to take a moment to respond to the current concerns regarding players actions in Citadel. Using the /unstuck command to gain DT for your team is considered "Fight Clubbing". Although we encourage players to be strategic in their endeavors, the situation referenced above is not in the spirit of Fallen Earth gameplay as we've intended or designed it to be (please see item 15 from the Fallen Earth Code of Conduct, found in your Fallen Earth game folder).

A “fight club” as referenced here is considered to be a game exploit, and as such, disciplinary action will be taken against those who engage in such activity. As of today we will review reports of “fight club” instances and if deemed necessary, the first offense will be suspension of account, and if a second offense occurs the account will be banned. We take this decision seriously and hope you will too as you continue to play Fallen Earth.

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