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just a red dot?

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Raife Kneller

Raife Kneller


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Maybe this belongs in the noob forum?

Anyway, I just found out that the UI can be tweaked. I don't want to do much. I'm just looking for a simple red dot (i.e. laser sight) that will stay on the center of my crosshair. I did find one thing, but it involves using a chat window that you fiddle around with and resize and whatnot. I don't plan to get into modding (at least not for a while). I'd just like to have something that works right out of the box (and preferably with instructions). Can anyone help? Thanks.




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It's not so easy as adding just a red dot, unless you use the dry erase marker idea. For that if it doesn't come of easily then use a little nail polish remover(aka acetone).

Now for a modded UI that does have a red dot I will have it put up here sometime this weekend once I get decent screenshots




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There's like half a dozen uis with dots from different ways in them.

And everything to do with the dot uis they are latched onto another aspect of the ui. The saints ui that kraken used it is linked to the hp bars. On Ra's and some of the recent ones it's using a part of a chat window...that way it doesn't make part of the ui obnoxiously big like in the saints one and so you use a chat window drag it make it small and put it in the center. I know some used the toolbar(used the boxes or wtv so u dont have to change a ui).

Besides the toolbar way it requires some simple changes in the ui and tagging it to a part of the ui. It is quite literally editing an image and then changing the ini or wtv the text aspect of the ui is called and changing the coordinate/size to account for your changes.


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