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Known Tutorial Issues

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The following will be fixed with the next patch:

  • Tutorial Objective (Sprint for 50 Meters): Players are currently unable to complete this objective if they are using heavy weapons or Kevlar, as they slow the players speed. Until we have a fix for this, please un-equip Kevlar and swap your weapon, until you have completed the objective.
  • Tutorial Objective (Redeem a Trial weapon): Players are currently unable to complete the tutorial. Players may be able to complete this objective by mailing a JMB weapon between characters but this is not as intended.
  • Tutorial Objectives (Max a Contact in Each District & Finish the First Four Contacts): Existing players who have completed the required contacts will not complete this tutorial (unless they first complete an additional contact).
  • Tutorial Objective (Complete a Weekly Challenge): Players are currently unable to complete the tutorial.
  • Tutorial Objective (Create or Join a Clan): Players who are existing clan members will not complete this tutorial.
  • Key Bindings: Some players are reporting that they can’t see the an option to rebind the tutorial key. This could be for two reasons:

    • a. They’ve not seen the binding option in the Options screen (under Controls > Interface > Tutorial Window).
    • b. They are using an old set of ini files. They can resolve this by deleting DefaultInput.ini and then repairing the game from the launcher (DefaultInput.ini can be found under: …\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config)

  • Tutorial Text: The text for the Fight Club tutorial objective “Progress the Challenge”, incorrectly states that players should complete challenges in Asylum and earn cash in Baylan. It should be the other way around, i.e. earn cash in Asylum and completing challenges in Baylan.

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