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Additional clothing options

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The main reason I and many others play APB is the games heavy customization. It really allows for the creative people to stand out, and a huge part of that is the symbols we can make. However, there's another function I wish could be implemented to the clothing itself. What if we had the ability to choose how certain clothing fits?

Take a regular long sleeve shirt, there's a lot you can do with it using symbols. Make it look like one sleeve is pulled up while the other has tears. Add a decal going around the waist with the same color as the skin to make it appear shorter. But why should it be necessary to use symbols only?

Suggestions for features 

  • Adjustable lengths on certain parts of clothing.
  • How worn out a piece of clothing is: scratch marks and tears.
  • More options for multiple layers of different clothing.
  • One knee pad instead of the default two on both legs.



I understand that we already some of these features.

This submission isn't completed, I will update it after I give it some more thought, I would also really appreciate to hear some ideas and would love a discussion about this.

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I'd like more options as well, but it's worth pointing out that already a lot of items have the ability to change how worn it is, and you can already layer lots of different clothing.


Still, increased use of those systems and the addition of the other two systems could be nice.

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I think it was the game's hot mess of a code which prevented more customisation option but hopefully after some optimisation then we will see more style and options.

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