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Clan List 3.10

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All Factions are welcome in Guardian

Clan concept: PvE, PvP, team events, exploration, fun; This clan just celebrated it's one-year anniversary
Age requirement: You must be at least 17 years old to join this clan
Nationality or language your clan is focused around: English
Timezone: All. Our members come from all over the globe
Recruiting: This clan has over 350 members with at least 25-30 actives; we are conducting open recruiting. Contact Jonathan Campbell, Adrianna Hitgirl, Spit Ether, Gearfetisch, Geaxx, Nimiety, Ayumi Nii, Jessi Zukowski or Kit Southworth in-game for an invite
In game contacts: Send Mail to Jonathan Campbell, Adrianna Hitgirl, Spit Ether, Gearfetisch, Geaxx, Nimiety, Ayumi Nii, Jessi Zukowski or Kit Southworth
Website: N/A
Ventrilo/Teamspeak: Teamspeak
Additional information: Guardian is centered around mature play and the desire to enjoy FE while aiding new players. Members are asked to act with maturity at all times, not engage in trolling or grieving and to contribute to the clan.

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Kit Southworth, Kitness Everdeen, Ophanim-Dying Light

Price Morgan

Price Morgan


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English speaking Clan Name: Brimstone Blood Gang

Goals: Looking for mature players interested in PvP/PvE and boss hunt's, exploration, Role Play, Clan events, Clan wars & Fun! Clan site: Coming soon! Accept: Chota's and Players thinking about becoming one Clan master: Hade Helix and Office Anneshirley we also giving away 10 red chips for the FIRST five player's that reach level 35-40! no alts allowed!

giving away Dune buggys, cars and motorcycles (coming soon) to our members!

Brimstone Blood Gang started: started by me *Hade Helix* after I talked it over with my girlfriend *Anneshirley* did have a clan named The Human League but players didn't like it so changed the name, plus it fits Chota style, started a new one which is Brimstone Blood Gang about a few days ago ^.^

We also help new players with missions/items we do not power level anyone unless they pay us for our time. We do not have team speak or the sorts cause they are annoying, BUT we do have skype which is just as better.

. Contact's:Hade Helix & Anneshirley. Additional information : we only take adults & mature players only. Rules: 1. No spamming. 2. no scamming. 3. Respect other members. 4. help out when you can. 5. Have fun.

Apply @ http://bbg.shivtr.com/

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Recruiting All levels, this is a CHOTA clan we are also crafters!


1. PvP PvE, world boss hunt, clan wars, roleplay & clan events!

2. must be active.

3. for invite please pm me "Hade Helix" Rogue Fury & Anneshirley.

4. no spamming no trolling and NO disrespecting other members!


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MilitaryGamers.com: Casual/PvE/PvP/Crafting/Light RP.

CHOTA Vista Lightbearer Enforcer Tech Traveller

Clan concept: We were here at launch and for several months after. We've recently revived our FE branch and are once again active here. The MilitaryGamers.com FE clan is just one branch of the largest US military multi-game community on the web and our focus is on bringing US military gamers together under one community. We're focused on our members and put absolutely no weight into in-game faction affiliations as we consider these divisive. We'll support any playstyle or type of gamer and consider ourselves casual overall with an emphasis on supporting each other.
Age requirement: 18+
Timezone: Varies. Primarily US time zones, but we have members all over the world.
Recruiting: Yes, all levels, factions, types. Recruitment never closes.
In game contacts: Wilson, or anyone wearing the "MilitaryGamers.com" tag.
Website: http://www.militarygamers.com
Ventrilo/Teamspeak: Multiple TS3 servers. Not required, but recommended.
Additional information: Ability to speak English required. All potential members should first proceed to our website to register an account as this is required for admission into our in-game branches. All current or prior US military should select an MG membership. All non-US military, 18 years of age or older, wishing to join should first seek out a current MG or MG Auxiliary member for a referral before applying to our Auxiliary program.

BAD MOONS: PvPs + Crafters


Clan concept: Bunch of casuals derping around s2 pvp zones. We have crafters, pvp'ers, pve'rs in clan, and everyone benefits from it. For those interested in a challenge, there's a more hardcore section of clan. But now you know too much and I have to kill you.
Age requirement: None... We have a mixed bag age wise here.
Nationality or language your clan is focused around: Two divisions - English and Russian.
Timezone: All.
Recruiting: Yes! More Meat for the meatgrinder! Muahhaha! Ahem.
In game contacts: Send Mail to drakago Tell us following: Previous MMO experience; what you enjoy (pvp,crafting, pve) and your timezone.
Website: What website? We have no website. Hush now. Shhhh...*STAB*
Ventrilo/Teamspeak: See above about website.
Additional information: If you're nice, social, friendly, you'll fit right in. The amount of work you put into clan is up to you; you'll never be forced into anything you don't want to do. Nor will you be rewarded if you do nothing.

Masters of the Rifle: Currently minimal PVP. Heavy on PVE. No RP as of yet.

CHOTA Vista Lightbearer Enforcer Tech Traveller

Clan Concept: A bunch of Gunslingers with a Three Musketeers mentality. Or maybe the Borg. Take your pick. We ride as a group, fight as a group, grind as a group, harvest as a group, and plan as a group. We craft using assembly lines. You get the picture. We play for each other as a whole, not as individual players. Mess with one, you mess with all. Same goes for good deeds.
Age Requirement: As long as you are old enough to play the game and still have a pulse, you're good. Looking for more mature mindsets, not gibbering trash talkers or "it's all about me" players.
Language: English or Poor English. Bad English is also acceptable. Please keep cursing to a minimum
Time Zones: Mainly US West Coast and Australian Time for the Night Owls.
Recruiting: Since we are posting here, I would say that is a good possibility. Main focus are new players or new characters. A cooperative spirit is needed for group integrity.
In-Game Contacts: Parts Donor, Camelsixtyniner
Website: Yes we have one. Mail system, calender, clan forum, resource request tools, ect. And no we are not going to put up the address. Spam sucks.
TeamSpeak: Yes. It is mandatory. Can't play as a group if we can't communicate. Or just talk about random things while crafting. Use Raidcall as a backup system.
Additional Information: The core group recently inherited this clan (and its resources. Jackpot!) from a group that had abandoned this game when we migrated here from BGO. We are used to playing as a squadron and flying in mutual support. A very integrated play style that is difficult to imitate, so accept no substitutes! We are willing to invest our game time in a new player for learning and integration if they are willing to make the same sort of investment in the clan.

Slaughter Kings: PvP/PvE/RP

CHOTA Vista Traveller

Clan Concept: The original sect of CHOTA's Slaughter Kings saw themselves as the ultimate survivors of Humanity, the ultimate evolution, and believed that all other humans should be made to serve. The clan is not much different: we are the ultimate survivors, the ultimate evolution, however, all of humanity should be made to evolveā€¦ or become food.
Age Requirements: 18+ and a reasonable level of maturity.
Nationality or Language: English
Timezone: All. (We have players in CST and EST at the moment, but our hours are all around the clock due to our schedules.)
Recruiting: Yes
In Game Contacts: Osiras, Savvannis, Elyzabet Jade, Aviva Moon, Izabela Dragomir
Website: Forthcoming
Ventrillo/Teamspeak: Neither, and probably will never have either.
Additional Information:We are a CHOTA heavy clan, though we are open to accepting some Travelers and Vistas. Age is not important, so long as the player maintains a level of maturity; immaturity and childish BS will not be tolerated. We are here to have fun playing the game, not to offend other players. The Slaughter Kings are an RP heavy clan, though we do not turn away from PvP/PvE to assist lower level clan members in leveling or accomplishing missions. From time to time, as RP for the clan deems necessary, we will also run missions for the clan. We do not have a policy of how often you have to log in to stay in the clan (we probably understand better than most about unscheduled and unavoidable long absences), however, inactivity slows our RP so please be mindful to keep the clan leaders (Osiras and Savvannis) aware.

Game Over: PvP


Clan concept: 100% Teamplay. WANTED: International FPS Lovers & Veterans :E
Age requirement: 18+
Timezone: All Time Zones
Recruiting: Yes
In game contacts: Fender Gibson, Bad Trip,
Website: www.game-over.xobor.de
Ventrilo/Teamspeak: TS3 & Mumble
Additional information: N/A

The Older Gamers: PvP/PvE/RP. Primarily PvE/some PvP/and some of us even use Rewards Points (RP) in the marketplace.

CHOTA Vista Lightbearer Enforcer Tech TravellerAll factions are welcome (even the Chota).

Clan concept: The Older Gamers [ToG] formed in Australia several years ago and is a multi-game clan spanning nearly every MMO, FPS or Sim currently online. We are 35,000 multi-national members strong, with an active presence within Fallen Earth. We usually have a few players on at all times of day and we love to help new players learn the ropes in Sector 1 as much as we like to help veterans farm faction points in Alpha County.
Age requirement: 25 years of age minimum (otherwise it would only be The Mostly Older Gamers, I suppose)
Nationality or language your clan is focused around: Members must be able to speak Pidgin English at a minimum. Current active clan members reside in North and South America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.
Timezone: All timezones. Though 11:00-15:00GMT and 21:00-02:00GMT seem to be prime time most days
Recruiting: Yes. We are currently looking for froobs to spam clan chat begging for chips and free interceptors. Ahem. Actually, I mean that any friendly, fun-loving, adults that don't take themselves too seriously will fit right in with our square wheeled way of doing things.
In game contacts: N/A
Website: www.theoldergamers.com
Ventrillo/Teamspeak: Ventrilo (not a requirement, but most of us play in vent so our clan chat can be overlooked at times.)
Additional information: We claim to be the second oldest clan in the game (by about 15 seconds). We still have active players that have been here since the beta. Our only hard and fast rule is to not be a troll in Help chat. Be warned that the application process to the clan can take up to a couple of days, so be sure to read the application procedure on our website carefully to avoid any extra delays, or feel free to contact any ToG member in game for more specifics. We look forward to meeting you in the Wasteland!

Cagox - Revived: ???

Lightbearer Enforcer Tech

Clan concept: Teamwork is the key. Organization is the door. Evil is a lock.
Age requirement: N/A
Timezone: GMT+2.
Recruiting: Yes.
In game contacts: N/A
Websites: http://forum.cagox.net/
Ventrilo/Teamspeak: TeamSpeak & Skype
Additional information: We currently hold more than 170 members. Atleast 20 of them are very active in clan management and organization. We have advanced rank system in the forums.

Treadstone: PvP/PvE/RP--PVP/PVE

CHOTA Vista Lightbearer Enforcer Tech Traveller Everyone is welcome.

Clan concept: We like to help others, relax in game, and specialize in intelligence of all sorts
Age requirement: Any (18+ Recommended)
Nationality or language your clan is focused around: English Based
Timezone: ALL
Recruiting: Always
In game contacts: Interceptor Jason, Daniel Borne, Marharth
Website: N/A
Ventrillo/Teamspeak: Vent - vent30.gameservers.com
Additional information: N/A

i like the Cagox clan concept Tech LB Enfo, go civies!




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hmmm I dont see witchcraft, browncoats, titanumbrotherhood, Any enforcer clans.... it'd be nice if more ppl posted up there clan.




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Only Hackers - PVP

18+ REQ.

No Noobs

No lifers

No Kittys >:D


Price Morgan

Price Morgan


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Age requirement 16+.


Recruitment All levels.





Additional information: We also do PvP PvE, world boss hunt, clan events clan wars "coming soon" & role play.

we are a crafter clan as well & do explore :)



Timezone: Primarily US time zones, but we have members all over the world.


Rules are as follow's: No begging no scamming no trolling no disrespecting other members.


we also help out whenever we can with Missions & gears.



Leader is I Hade Helix.


Officer is Anneshirley.





Recruiting All levels, this is a CHOTA clan we are also crafters!


1. PvP PvE, world boss hunt, clan wars, roleplay & clan events!

2. must be active.

3. for invite please pm me "Hade Helix" Rogue Fury & Anneshirley.

4. no spamming no trolling and NO disrespecting other members!


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Role: Boss Raid Focus PVE + Crafting + Pure PVP

Faction:Half OMNI started from 2015(Enforcer,Lightberer&Neutral
Clan concept: Founder Was Rayblake(my old toons),Airboneleader and Louis Harris in 2012.Name clan exist when we discussed about faction outfit in Starcraft 3.About our activity we love to explore,crafting stuff and pvp support).
Age requirement: 18+ (mature games need mature attention,kids never understand)
Timezone: All Timezone Accepted.
Recruiting: Yes.
In game contacts: Ray Black,Netherto or Vishapp
Website: http://ttapurebuild.proboards.com
Ventrillo/Teamspeak: Raidcall

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Clan name: - =[ TITANIUM BROTHERHOOD ]= -

PvP/PvE/RP: All

Faction(s) welcome: All
Clan concept: All you need to know is that is more of a brotherhood and a Legion, not a order army or any other clan.
Age requirement: 14+
Recruiting: Yes, All types of players
In game contacts: Morgan Blade, Cyndrasil Revolted
Website: http://Titanium-Brot...d.team-talk.net
Ventrillo/Teamspeak: Under maintenance. Will be shared its adress soon.
Additional information: Based on PvP-ing and PvE-ing, but the most important, reviving the spirit of a gamer. We roleplay so much! Required levels are above 30




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Omni-Faction PvE / Crafting clan.


Clan Concept: IJAG stands for It's Just A Game... that's the concept, we're here to have fun. Clan leadership and members aren't there to tell people how and when to play- we're there to help them have fun. Whereas we do allow PvP, we do not promote it as a clan policy.


Age Consideration: Mature Language may be used in clan chat. :tmi:


Time Zone: Eastern ( UTC -5 )


In-game contacts: Max Deviant, Krell Dugh, Beer Brat, Dirtdice, Iverum, Lady Zoey


Voice communication: pending



Veni, Vidi, Imbibi.

(I came, I saw, I drank.)

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