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Dome Public Test Friday to Monday 5 PM PDT!

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The Dome (Update 2.7) is upon us, and we are in need of your expertise! Come join the devs today, Friday (7/26) to Monday (7/29) 5 PM PDT and help us test out our latest update before it’s impending release. For those that don’t know, The Dome is a 2 man instance that pits you against some of the toughest PvE encounters in the game, and offers an entirely new set of Reward Currencies and exclusive, top tier gear that you can purchase with it. Those that do help with testing will receive 400 Reward Points each day for their time. Note: Wastelanders must login for a minimum of one hour on each day and be active with testing (no idling).

How to Help:

  • If you don’t have the PTS client on your computer, read here for info on how to get it setup: http://www.gamersfir...lenearth/?q=PTS
  • Login to PTS with your Live GamersFirst/FE account.
  • To participate in the Dome testing, you must be level 55. If you do not have a level 55 character, PTS contains “cheater” merchants in each sector’s capital city that will allow you to easily level up to 55 and obtain top-tier gear.
  • Once you log in, simply click the Blood Sports menu item and queue up for The Dome.
  • Try not to get smoked!

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